Vacation Days 2 & 3: Garage Sale Complete


So it’s done. It never ceases to amaze me just how cheap people are at garage sales. We sold a speaker system that you can buy new for $1500, used for $50. Why? Because it was less of a hassle than dealing with Ebay. As a seller, I refer to eBay as “Fucking eBay.” As a buyer, it’s just “eBay.” Selling crap online is ridiculous. Weighing things out and finding the right box for them? Bleh… I’ve got better things to do with my time. Or so I thought.

I’m now knee-deep in Craig’s List, eBay, and Amazon listings. FML.

Anywho, let’s get back to the reminiscence at hand. We got rid of a lot of things. An oven, some shoes, some bags, some old DVDs… All these things that we don’t want/use/need.  I was joined by my dad and some friends who brought along their own things to sell.  We all did all right. Sunday unfortunately was a bit slower than Saturday and ended up making a guy feel REALLY butt-hurt by closing up shop 15 minutes earlier than posted.

If he’s reading, I’m sorry. But also? This is a garage sale. There is no social contract! We worked it for as long as we could stand to and wrapped up- Also? If you were looking for something in particular? YOU COULD HAVE ASKED. Jeez. Seriously, his face was so dour as a result of my friendly greeting and apologizing for wrapping things up- I coulda swore a skunks ass instantly teleported right into his mouth.

Joel and I walked away $200+ richer for all the items sold. You think that it’s one of those, sit, relax, people come up to you and ask- “How much?” (regardless of the sticker)  or they simply approach to haggle… Right? Well in my case, it went something like this.

Them: “25 cents!”

Me: “For a functioning wireless security camera including the hardware needed to hook it up to a TV that was only ever used for 5 minutes once to see if it worked… It’s $5.”

Them: “That’s stupid.” And they walk away…

All things considered. There’s only one item of heft we didn’t sell that we really wanted to.  We have a high-backed love seat with down padding that we want to sell.  It was something like 750 new. We want 100 or best offer. Know anyone who needs a nice high backed couch?

After having completed this romp with the wild-side I really don’t think I’m going host a garage sale again. I’d rather just donate things or gift them to people who’d be more likely to use them than I have.  It’s worked pretty well in the past and everyone involved usually feels better for it. It’s not like we were selling soiled clothes, or cat-urine-smelling readers digests. Our gear is/was well maintained and we stand behind it working. It’s value is in the beholder and if you feel that 25 cents is all you’re willing to spend on something that’s “so” dear to you… I’m thinking that you probably don’t need it all.


Vacation Day 1: Finding Time


Literally and figuratively I don’t think it’s possible for me to have found a worse time to take a vacation. But perhaps that’s when you most need one.

The walls are mostly faded yellow. With trim of dusty, iron-red and green kindergarten trees and golden stars painted on the random joists. The wood floor is well worn revealing the character of neglect. It reflects perfectly, the sound Of Monsters & Men peppered with the grind of shots being pulled. Locals walk in. Locals talk. Locals write.

Welcome to my zen moment. It took me a second this morning to realize that this experience is more human, than anything that I’ve done behind a desk for the past two years.

I’m going to make this moment last as long as I can. Which sadly means, that I only get one more hour of it. The project at work that’s hovering like a dark cloud over my head is just… It’s ridiculous. I, as the designer with some HTML/CSS chops shouldn’t be able to debug and write better code than the folks we’ve hired. As a result I’m going in on my day off.  *dies a little inside*

And back to my zen.

The diet is less strict (surprise!) at the moment.  Because… While it sucks, I do definitely eat my feelings and I really need SOME (read, ANY) form of comfort at work right now. So having a sandwich? Not the most calorically restrictive, but damn if it doesn’t help me finish out the day.  I am making an effort to avoid sweets (this morning’s raspberry scone withstanding) and thus… I’m just making an effort to avoid the heavier fattier, sweeter, and greasier things as opposed to counting the calories.

I thought I said, back to my zen!?

Today, I’m going to wrap up preparations for the garage sale I’m putting on this weekend. Picking up tables, prepping signs (printed and read to be taped), setting up a tarp for a bit of shelter from the elements (might need another… TARP FORT!!), and finalizing a list of items that will be in the actual sale.

That’s Zen right?

Hm, I wonder if there’s a video on meditation? Oh wait, I’m still in the coffee shop, “Hello stars.”

Day 13: Diet Detour, Of Remodel Syndrome and Family

Distracting Bunny

Diet-Posting Detour: This weekend was about a lot of the smaller things in life, more so than my diet. I didn’t break it terribly. I mean, aside from having Phad Thai on Saturday night (my dad took Joel and I out for my birthday) and the sushi I ate on Sunday (stayed away from rice on most of my selections). This weekend was full of activities.

But back to the Saturday Night dinner. Had you joined us you would have hear such quotables as:

“She only wore the high heels to the campground.”

“The bees didn’t both us. But my girlfriend? She was wearing perfume.”

“I jumped on the front of the treadmill and screamed for help.”

“I saw these cans in the store with such pretty cats and dogs, it was my first week in America and I just couldn’t understand why they would eat such beautiful animals!”

These and many more amusing quotables were shared with us by my dad’s fiance (she had discovered canned cat and dog-food, by the by). My dad’s fiance is from the Veitnam (20+ years now? You should hear about her emigration story, it’s tearful and funny) and just the loveliest woman! Caring, kind, always trying to give us more and more food. Haha, she’s amazing- I always feel terrible turning down taking leftovers (sooo much foooood). But less bad when we discover a doggy-bag/plate/box among our things when we arrive home.

Between dinner with my dad and his finance, movies, chores, remodel-work, some brief time for gaming, hitting the gym, and getting my ducks in a row for a garage sale I’m hosting next weekend (oh and giving a couple haircuts). There are so many things that happened this weekend. Which is good! But why does it feel like so little happened?

I think it’s Remodel Syndrome. We’re in that moment wherein we’ve been remodeling so long that anything short of a wall or ceiling disappearing (or being completed, never mind all the messy steps in between), it feels like nothing’s been accomplished. Once we’ve ripped out the fireplace wall separating the living and dining rooms we’ll have a giant, open floorplan. Great right? It is! I just wasn’t expecting it so soon and as a result don’t have a plan for it.

I’m coming to grips with it. But until I do, the interior decorator in my mind is going run on that hamster wheel until it’s finished.

  • Flooring will be installed
  • Walls will be patched
  • Popcorn Ceiling will be covered
  • Trim will be applied
  • Shelves will be built
  • Paintings and Photos will be hung
  • And eventually, new furniture will arrive.

Just like the diet. One step at a time. These things will be done in time.

Day 10-12: Blind-sided

As of late (and only 10 days in, yikes) the diet has suffered.

But the easiest way to communicate (in a rather funny manner) half of what I’m dealing with is through this video. It rings more sincerely than I’d really like it to.

Home-life is amazing by the by! Hope I can share more of my concerns at another time.

Day 9: Birthday, The Revenge

What waffle?

What waffle?

Alright, alright. There’s no hiding this.

Yesterday I enjoyed the leftovers of my birthday.  There was so much in the way of leftovers just staring at me from the fridge…  And really, who can say no to perfect Truffle Mac’n Cheese?


And here I am the following morning, about 50% full of regrets and 50% full of Protein shake (Yay…They should make a Macaroni and Cheese flavored protein shake). I’m back on the wagon and determined to stay there (wait, ew. Nevermind on that shake idea).

What is it about tasty food that’s just so… amazing? I know that biologically we’re prone to liking fats and sugars (what with them not occurring so often in nature). Why?! Why does it have to be that way? Can’t we I dunno, train our brains to think that sweet things are gross, and that fats are unsavory? We’ve done it with cigarettes (Chantix, I think?)… It seems like we should be able to do it here as well. Come on Scientists! Priorities! Make me less fat and THEN fix the global climate (hahaha… no, I’m kidding. Make me muscular too).

So yesterday’s epic and tasty failure aside, I’m still feeling good about my long term prospects. I’m tracking on MyFitnessPal and tonight we hit the gym again continuing the goal to maintain a minimum of 3 workouts a week. No more looking back and no more regretting the things I can’t change. I know what I did wrong and I know what I can do in the future to avoid making those mistakes again.

What will I do? (no one asked, but still)

That’s right- I’ll invent a magic pill that turns fats and sugars into protein and fiber while it slides down your throat! …Right? Hahaha, but until that day, I’ll just keep myself from being tempted by avoiding those places and foods that aren’t good for my diet.

I’ve got a goal of going as Sexy Thor someday for a Halloween outfit (ya know, swagger around and shake my mew-mew at people). And to achieve that I need a motto- Something like, oh! Say this in a Bostonian accent:

“Abs, not Carbs”

So it’d sound something like Ahbs, not Cahbs…  

Hm. I like it.

Day 8: Happy Birthday to Me


So I did it. I survived my birthday.

I’ll admit, that last statement would be dripping with sarcasm if you could hear me state it out loud. Haha, but it does have a hint of truth. The food we had yesterday… *phew* it was amazing.  Diet-wise I tried not just… glutton-ize. I think I was actually pretty good during the day:

A scone with my coffee at breakfast, chips with salsa and guacamole for lunch.  And then dinner… Oh my.

Haha, if you saw my instagram posts from yesterday you’d have 2 pieces of the puzzle. First was my take on a “Club Salad“. Basically a deconstructed club sandwich with a pretzel roll.  Next was home made mac’n cheese (not pictured) with an amazing blend of colby and sharp cheddar, sprinkle with a bit of truffle salt and I was in heaven…  But it didn’t stop there. For desert Joel made the most freaking amazing cake on the planet. Boston Cream Cake… It had home made cream puffs, chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache…  It was fantastic.

But, oh so filling. If I had extras or seconds of any of them, I feel I might have exploded. Hence surviving my birthday. Too much good food.

Haha, I don’t really have much else to say than…  I feel loved. :) I got a call from my little bro who gave me a generous gift and then I got some fantastic things from my mom including the Disney Sketchbook. Man… just looking at some of the sketches from Disney’s master animators. It inspires! Possibly the reason I posted a quick 20 minute sketch last night.

Life is good and 31 is treating me well. Next up? Continuing the diet and facing the challenge I’ve been (poorly) avoiding for the past 9 months.

Finding a better job.

Prince Ess is All Wet

Prince Ess had to rescue himself and another person from a lake... WHY?! I know... But you'll just have to wait.

Prince Ess had to rescue himself and another person from a lake… WHY?! I know… But you’ll just have to wait.

Boston Creme cake from scratch! Creme puffs and all!!! Thank you Joel!!! #birthday #cake #foodgasm #exclamationmarks

May 11, 2015 at 07:43PM