Diet Day 2: Multi-purposing, and Drinking Powders are a Beginning

Rather than making what would be something like my 10th blog.  I’m going to re-purpose one that folks might think I’ve abandoned.

Today I started my new job. I’ve moved back into the world of technology (starting at a locally based, nation-wide cell carrier) as a UX Project Manager! 🙂 And as a part of this new year of new jobs, boyfriends, homes, and workouts. I’ve decided to take it upon myself to suffer some self-imposed limitations.  I guess some of you might call this discipline.

I call it hell.

Its no secret if you know me in real life, that I’m a big guy.  Not horrifically obese, but I’m still at 275 lbs there about and at 6’5″ with a large frame and hence have some weight I can lose.

Recently I’ve started going to a local aerial yoga class.  Its one of those classes which has you utilize your own body weight for resistance while you hang from fabric that’s suspended from the ceiling.  On one hand is great! I’ve got an instructor who tells orders me to pretend to be a monkey. On the other hand the heavier you are, the more resistance which means a better workout… That is, if you can hold the poses.  This is where I’m suffering the most as us giant, giants tend to have horrible posture and crappy core strength.

So I’m doing a self-prescribed shake diet for a YEAR.

During a 2.5 year long relationship with an ex, I tried many an odd “health food”. Everything from low carb bread that was essentially cardboard to approximately 8 different “premium, low calorie” fitness shakes.  During this process I found several I could suffer if I added 4 cups of frozen strawberries… At which at that point one would beg that I was adding water and protein powder to my berry smoothie- But there is only one that I could suffer on its own.  VegaOne is the brand I swear by.  It doesn’t taste dirty, it doesn’t have a gritty texture, and best of all…  it doesn’t use sugar alcohols for sweetening! (side note: These can cause everything from loose stool to bettering your chances for diabetes)

Anywho, I’ve got their meal replacement shakes (vanilla chai and hopefully chocolate soon) and their protein shakes (chocolate). Each day I’m drinking two meal replacement shakes, up to 4 protein shakes, and having a 200 calorie fruit/vegetable snack.  This brings my caloric total to at the most 1400 calories. On the days that I work out, the theory is that I’ll end up having about a 1000 calorie deficit. This is fuzzy math of course as I haven’t actually calculated what a 40 minute boot-camp will burn for someone of my particular stature. More on that when I actually get around to it.

Today is day two. And I’m still hungry.  Let’s hope this gets more standable.


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