Diet Day 4: Morning After… Har Har

After having two nights of light-headed-ness and not feeling good in general, I ate some food last night. First some vietnamese left overs from the 30th, maybe a cookie, then a Quinoa with black beans and seasoned ground beef with carmelized onions.

IT WAS SO GOOD. AND while I feel a little bad, my head isn’t spinning anymore.

So with having fallen off the wagon, my partner reminded me that I need to actually understand the number of calories I NEED on a daily basis.  Going cold-turkey on processed sugars is tough enough (these are chemicals folks, its like quitting caffeine, your body is going to go through withdrawls), I also needed to make sure that I was simply getting enough calories to survive.


We calculated my BMR which is a number that indicates how many calories I have to consume in a day to retain my current weight.  This takes into consideration my height and weight, but not any level of activity (as those count as negative calories). I would have to consume somewhere around 2554 calories a day to maintain my current weight (that’s actually one large McDonald’s value meal for those counting… I’ve eaten at McDonalds twice in the past 5 years… so I think I’m doin all right there). My goal weight at the moment is 220 lbs, so that’s roughly 50lbs or so to lose.  With each lb of fat requiring 3500 negative calories, and a healthy rate of weight loss being around 2lbs of fat a week, it works out pretty simply.


2554 cal/day x 7 days a week = 17878 calories a week

– 7,000 calories (to burn two lbs of fat)

=10,878 calories a week, or 1554 calories a day.

Remember this is if I don’t exercise AT ALL.

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’ve discovered that in order to stay strictly with my vega one shakes. I’d be breaking the bank on my food budget.  So (once again, boy friend saves the day), we figured out how to augment my four shakes (two meal replacements and two protein shakes) with coconut flour and flavorless, unsweetened whey protein. We now have my caloric intake during the day up to about 800 calories versus the previous 500.  So hopefully no more headaches.


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