Diet Day 7: Of Hunger and Daube

Yesterday was a hungry day.  One of those days where regardless the number of shakes I drank I don’t think anything would have curbed my appetite.  I was starving all day long.  And I was good!  Until I wasn’t.

So my partner has been feeling down lately and I figured I would do something nice to perk him up. As with about 30% of the fat kids out there I’m a bit of a hobbyist in the kitchen.  I enjoy baking. grilling, sauteing, and frying… and for the better part I’m pretty good at it.  So last night to make him feel better I made him a beef daube (Recipe from the Splendid Table) and it turned out… just amazing.  That is, the little bit that I had.

Let me break it down for you:

  • 3:00pm I have my last shake of the day (on a hungry day)
  • 4:15pm I get off work.
  • 4:45pm I arrive home and take assessment of the ingredients we have. And sneak two bits of the Trader Joe’s version of French’s Fried onions into my mouth.
  • 5:10pm I’m back from the market with $50 of groceries in hand to make this amazing dish (I had to buy cheese cloth and $20 of meat, which is about half the bill right there.
  • 5:50pm I grab one bite of the Mac and Cheese Tuna Melt into my mouth
  • 7:20pm the prep part of the daube is done and it goes in the oven.
  • 7:45pm I breakdown and have a chunk of the orange cake my mom made me for Christmas (like she does every year).
  • 8:00pm We get invited out to Celtic Bajou (a local Irish Pub/Cajun mix). Which we promptly agree to seeing as dinner won’t be ready till almost 10pm at this point.
  • 8:20pm In spite of the daube cooking in the oven at home, I get the Irish Stew which OMG Amazing at this point.
  • 10:20pm Arrive home, pull out the Daube and save for needing a touch of salt and pepper…  Is to die for.  I had two piece of meat and a carrot and parsnip.  

That’s six separate instances of putting something in my mouth between 3 and 10:20pm.  I realize that its over a period of 7 hours, but in theory, that shake at 3 should have lasted me till 5 or 6pm.  And it did “ish”. its not like a I had full meals, only bites to get me through… But still.  It may seem like I’m whining (and that’s probably because I am), but I’m disappointed in myself and trying to rationalize why I did.

I want to be honest on here. So I guess that means “bitching” from time to time.

At the end of the day, I’d had an amazing Irish Stew, made an even better Beef Daube, and Cheered up my partner considerably. 🙂 All in all even with the struggles, I’d still say it was a good day.


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