Diet Day 8: Weighing in, Working out

So I weighed myself yesterday…. *drum roll*


From the start of this endeavor I’ve lost 3 lbs!! Huzzah!  Now you might be thinking, “Why is that important its such a small number?” And while that’s true. My goal wasn’t to lose 50 lbs in a week or even a month. My goal is to lose the weight at a healthy rate and keep it off. I’m aiming for a loss of about 2-3 lbs of fat (hopefully) a week. To tip the scales in my favor and to achieve my other goal of a strong abdominal core, I take a beginner’s aerial yoga class. Or as I like to call it, indoor self-inflicted boot camp. Now don’t be fooled by the label “beginners.”  The only reason its beginners is because its 30-45 minutes long in stead of 60-105 minutes long. The range is simply because the teacher tends to get carried away and avoid eye contact with the clock. Its like they’re enemies or something.


This little boot camp I go to twice a week works out most everything. From arms to your butt, but most importantly your core.  And as with most fat kids, I kinda have a week core. To make matters worse I’m a giant! Which means my posture is bad. And my job has me staring at computers all day which, you guessed it- Historically has made my posture even worse.  The reason I referred to it as “self-inflicted” before is that in yoga, ever action, every pose, is entirely based on what your body allows you to do. There’s no additional weights, and best of all save for some of the ab exercises there’s no one screaming at you, ” GIMME FIVE MORE!”  Its simple directions, stretching as far as you can and feeling better for it the next day.

Of note, yesterday was also the first day that my MotD (Meal of the Day) was something other than dinner.  This was totally planned and expected.  Apparently at my new job they like to take folks to lunch as I have another work lunch on Thursday as well. I find it kinda funny, but also annoying in that as I’m he “new guy” I get asked a lot of questions and when its considered rude not to eat… I have to both be polite and sneak bites of something here and there while once again dropping a summary of my life story as it pertains to the company at present.  Its not bad the first 10 times during an hour, but anything after that it starts to get old and I go on auto-pilot.  I don’t even know what I’m telling people sometimes, I’m 70% sure that its accurate, but I tune out and no one’s ever said, ” But I thought you said your favorite color was blue because of that star fish you saw in Australia!” So I think my auto-pilot is working okay for now.

The last thing of note for this entry is that my partner and I have planned to go out with friends friday night.  Like out-out, clubbing style.  Anyone that knows me knows that I’m generally more of a pubber than a clubber.  I’m just not in to that whole “having to scream at people to have a light conversation” thing. But its important to him so I make do.  That being said, this means drinking most likely and probably street vendor hot dog (or similar) at the end of the night. I mention this because, as I’ve said before I want this blog to be my accountability. I want this to be as honest a representation of my real-life struggles and celebrations while working on losing weight.  Case in point, this Friday? I’m planning and embracing going out. As this is a plan, I’m going to drink my normal number of shakes during the day to stay consistent, so that by the time I go out for food and drinks I’m not going to be starved for calories. Additionally I will also be ready to burn off the alcohol by “dancing” (read, bad white boy grinding) at the clubs.

This is a special, unique occasion and as being on a diet doesn’t mean my life has to come to a stop I plan on seeing it through. 🙂


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