Diet Day 14: Weighing in on Epiphany Pot Pie

Historically, my posts have been about the previous day. While this in a sense, makes sense It occurred to me last week when I weighed in that it was a little bit ridiculous.  I weigh myself first thing in the morning and thus before I write the blog for yesterday(Monday) I’ve already weighed myself for the Tuesday (today) post. So I’m going to mess with the time-space continuum a bit and reveal my weight on Tuesdays even though the blog is about Mondays. Because I can.

So! In spite of weekend’s debauchery, in spite of have a decent sized chunk of leftover chicken pot pie for dinner…  My weigh in early Tuesday Morning is!


Woo-hoo!  I know that there’s a decently good chance half of that is dehydration since I just woke up and regardless of the quart of water I drank before falling asleep I did work out. But now I’m getting ahead of myself.

Yesterday was a sort-of hungry day.  Now before you roll your eyes, hear me out. It was one of those days where I started out not all that hungry, as in, I had to force myself to drink my shakes. Life continued this way until about noon when I started thinking about the chicken pot pies at home.  Did I mention they were delicious?    Its insane how good they are.

After that I was immediately hungry and so I made a shake and chugged it so that my stomach wouldn’t have time to process the shake as fast thus forcing it/tricking it into thinking it was full.  It worked~!  Sort of. Another hour later I was ready for something else… But it was different. Where as my Protein shake was result of my stomach groaning and demanding to be fed, this time I just wanted food.

This physical epiphany I was having was a manifestation of years of over eating.  In the past even if I wasn’t physically hungry, my stomach would still do the song and dance that would have me suggest that it was… this time? It was entirely mental. I was incredibly hyper as a result… This realization had me bouncing in my seat ready to see this thing through to the end.  Even as my work day was ending and I had a second meal replacement shake to sate my hungry self, I was bubbly. I was focused, I was engaged in what I was doing.

Now here’s where the honesty kicks in…  I missed one of my protein shakes yesterday.  I’m thinking I might need to set an alarm and simply keep my shakes working on that schedule because When I got home… This new realization had actualized in my stomach (whom we’ll now refer to as Cortez) remarking that it was hungry hungry. The shake I’d had over an hour previous had run its course and if I was going to work out… Cortez the terrible was growling and eating my spleen. I needed something. So even though it wasn’t dinner time… I had… some pot pie. THE HUMANITY!

Cortez was content.

But OH! THE HUMANITY. I really did feel horrible, but that spoonful was the best gift I could’ve given myself. I’d made it through the day and had a workout coming up.  I wish I could have stayed strictly on program and as much fun as excuses are, I’ve got to own what I did. I’m determined to see this through. I’m already seven pounds down and hope to be nine by next week.

So with that fresh guilt (and a sated Cortez) I went to Yoga. Great workout! Anytime I want to punch the instructor in the face (no, not literally… well maybe at the time, but I’d feel really bad about it the moment my fist went flying- Sorry Mason! You’re awesome!!) means that I’ve pushed my limits and broke a sweat. And any time I break a sweat means I’m working hard and building muscle is one of the key pillars to this project.

The night ended by introducing the boyfriend to Downton Abbey (Might be the only gay guy on the planet to have never seen this), enjoying an actual helping of chicken pot pie… and having. Wait for it. A single piece of huckleberry chocolate for desert. Cortez approved.

Fucking Cortez. My new found realizations will defeat your appetites!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mariel says:

    You should look into having some fruits or avocado, or low glycemic protein bars. Some times you just want to chew on something. Have it with your shake or separate but either way you’ll feel more satisfied

    1. Donoghue says:

      Good advice! Though I’m wary of any of the protein bars that have the sugar alcohol in them. They may have reduced caloric intake but they thrash your insulin response system.

      1. Mariel says:

        Look for the vega vibrancy bars the berry one is really good, and I’m pretty sure they are stevia, and agave sweetened.

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