Diet Day 15: You Don’t Refuse $32 Fried Chicken


Yesterday was Tuesday. Tuesday’s have always been somehow special to me. Whether it was a bad day or a good day, somehow you could trace that back to it being a Tuesday.  Whether I was accepted to Grad School or had my Wisdom Teeth pulled. It’s been a Tuesday…

We had another off-site meeting and you guessed it, another off-site meal. At this point I’m half expecting to not have to pay for a third of my meals through my career here. The funny thing is, having the knowledge of this meal at the end of the day completely threw my mind (and Cortez… see yesterday’s post) off-balance. This one meal a day is becoming more and more special.  I’m spending time pouring through recipes, figuring out fun stuff that I can make and unique foods that either by design (or slight of my own hand, a’thank you) have a great flavor. My next endeavor is going to be some kind of beet salad with a savory soup.  It has been cold as viking’s left nut up here and some soul food will really hit the spot.  I think I’m going to figure out a hearty loaf of bread.. I need to find something without nuts or seeds though, and hearty almost always seems to include those.

Breads and soups and frostbitten nethers aside, we ended up having a 3 hour meeting with some fine folks from a local-ish design studio we’ve contracted out. They offered to take us out to dinner… who were we to deny. So the whole day I had a half “hungry day”. I had three of my shakes and brought the fourth with the intent of drinking it at the office. Little would I know that they had a bevvy of delicious custom baked goods in waiting… Not eating one before or during the meeting? It. Was. The. Most. Difficult. Thing. I’ve. EVER. DONE.

They had all forms of sugary delights. From scratch fruit compotes buried in scones, salted honey buns… my god. MY GOD. Cortez nearly committed suicide. But I persevered. I went a whole two hours and forty-five minutes (the length of the meeting), before nabbing one as a “part of dinner”.

Now, before anyone throws a stone… I’ll admit this was unique situation. For reasons that should be obvious, I don’t make pastries (save for at Christmas… or if I’m hosting a brunch), let alone keep them within eye shot. I have maybe one doughnut a year, because they are so damn good. And while a “part of dinner” works in the sense that I had all my actual “food meal” in one swoop,  I’ll be the first to admit… I cheated myself right there. To strengthen my resolve however, I’m going to try and hit Yoga both Wednesday and Thursday nights.  I think of myself like the dog who ate the birthday cake a half hour before anyone caught him.  On one hand, you can’t outright punish the poor thing, because unless its in the middle of eating, it has no clue as to why (dog’s have about a 5 second memory, they’re very… in the moment. But this is a different topic for a different website). You might however help him work off those extra calories by then taking him on your five mile walk (but also because if the candles cause him to revisit the cake upon you, its much better a neighbor’s yard than your couch).

But that brings me to dinner. For once, going out during this diet paid off.  We went to a relatively new restaurant called Coterie in Belltown, just north of downtown Seattle. Higher end I’ll admit. They had primarily a fish-based menu, which, while great is also something I eat only raw or fried. So I kept my eyes focused on the duck, the steak, and the Buttermilk Chicken. To suggest that this restaurant was accessible by most would be an outright lie.  The Buttermilk Chicken… while the cheapest of the dinner plates, was $32. You just don’t say no to $32 Fried Chicken. Prior to that however, our vendor was more than gracious in their offering of food. The table had Foie Gras and Cracklins (my first time for both), followed by an amazing Poutine with brisket. When it came time for dinner proper, I could only eat about half the plate. There were mushroom braised mustard greens and radish whipped potatoes both of which complemented the sweet and savory buttermilk chicken perfectly.

5 stars to the Coterie, great service, great food, great atmosphere.

What started out as a hungry day ended up being one of the most satisfying meals I’ve had in a long time. for the fun of it I popped on the scale this morning just dreading my indulgence yesterday. I just had to know if it had horrible repercussions… And surprisingly not. I’m not going to take that as a sign that I have free license to do what I want. Eat what I want, when I want, but it feels good to know that even if once a week I have some food that isn’t the best for me? Its not the end of the world. 95% of the time I keep my calories and nutrition in check.

It sucks, but I do it for long term health and because I want a six pack before I’m 35.


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