Diet Day 29: An Orgasm for your Palette

I didn’t actually have sushi properly until I was in high school (3.5 years of Japanese class yo!). Before then? Perhaps it had been at a party my parents dragged me to or we’d seen it at a restaurant, but its pretty safe to say that I wasn’t readily exposed to it until I was much older. Now? I love the stuff. My love for sushi, even mediocre to good sushi, has only been compounded during this diet. I know that I’ve mentioned this before, having only one meal a day drives the flavor and expectation of meal to knew heights.

After yoga, we literally went straight to our favorite close-ish sushi haunt, Sushi Mojo. The folks that run it are actually Japanese! Which is amazing, I mean, its not to say i dislike Korean style sushi, its just a treat to be able to speak Japanese to the chefs/wait-staff and have them converse back (bit of a rude awakening in high school when I tried my menu ordering skills entirely in Japanese and the waitress looked at me with a vaguely ominous, albeit William Hung meets honey-boo-boo-like blank stare (it can make one a wee bit self-conscious I’ll tell ya. Oh and I refuse to capitalize that bastion of a “name”). While there we had about 4-plates each, I even custom ordered some inari and takoyaki. Inari is the simplest o sushi, being a pocket of rice in a fried tofu skin and takoyaki is octopus balls (Cortez LOVES him some octopus balls…YUM, haha). Neither of these are for everyone, but I’ve always enjoyed them.  Last night I was in such a  good mood I was dancing to the music in my seat between bites. My favorite roll they have there is called the “Crunchy Monster”. Its got red fried garlic on the outside with tasty crab, cream cheese, and avocado on the inside. 🙂

A part of what made this so satisfying though was that yesterday was a hungry day. Oh man, did it suck. I had my first shake and not even an hour later I was already hungry, so I got some tea. No go… I held out till two hours after my first and then had my second shake. And again an hour later the hunger.  What didn’t help was all the homemade leftover people had brought in. And the lunch leftover from some team luncheon they’d placed in the common area of my floor. I was miserable. I mean, I held out. But it was definitely a challenge to make sure that I didn’t expend my one meal during the day yesterday.

I hope today is better hunger-wise and just as good food-satisfaction-wise. The people and the food from yesterday really made it a great day.


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