Diet Day 31: The 17% and Ropes

Hot damn. As of Today I’m 1/6 done with this diet. As long as everything goes according to plan that is.  On the outset I hope that by the end of June I will have achieved either 12% and/or a weight of 220 lbs. But let’s take the stats really quick.

  • Weight: 265lbs (Lost 10lbs with most of that being fat!)
  • Workout: 3 times a week (hopefully 4 soon!)
  • Diet: Going steady (switching to the Chocolate Meal Replacement, I can only take so muchVanilla)
  • Outstanding issues: Portion control during single meal of the day (Sigh… yup)

All in all I’d say this was a pretty damned good month. If I keep up the pace by adding another workout or two a week, get my portion control under control,and stick with the shakes I see absolutely no reason why this shouldn’t continue to be a success (you may now vomit from my over abundance of positivism).

On the topic of successes, last night at yoga I successfully performed a couple rope climbs (Hey- This is exciting!) It’s the first time since grade school I’ve been able to climb a rope. It was Fantastic!  Granted that my climbing skills are akin to that of a mentally challenged chimp with lime disease, but still! I made it up and down twice on top of the rest of the workout (hoo-ray for about 30-40 push ups and a bunch pain in the ass fabric routines!). Honestly though, if this workout wasn’t challenging what would be the point? I can’t do most of what we’re asked (ordered) to well. But I can do it damn better than I could a month ago or even the month before that.

It’s the pain in the ass I need to keep going. 🙂

While we’re on the subject of pain’s that I love, my man has pointed out recently that since my diet has consisted largely of pea and hemp protein, my personal “smell” has changed. Everyone has a smell and that’s great! It’s natural, but I wanted to provide a warning to anyone who’s looking to do a similar diet as my own, as apparently I smell like OLD PEOPLE (cue Electric Organ, DUN DUN DUN). Haha, while its not the most flattering thing, I honestly don’t feel its worth changing the diet. Its something I can live with, I’ll just have to find a cologne or something that will compliment/hide the smell.

Speaking of smells, I was contacted by the lovely Katherine (my friend and older brother’s med-school girlfriend).  As I’d hoped she did indeed responded with a revision to my statement I made about oral hygiene and the like. Here’s the text I received from her,

[..]since you asked, two points regarding ketosis:

1) Bad breath is “halitosis,” regardless of its source. Ketosis, an elevated blood level of ketone bodies, can cause halitosis. One of the products of ketone metabolism is acetone (yup – nail polish remover), which is filtered out of the blood by one’s kidneys and lungs. Acetone on the breath smells somewhat fruity, and not altogether pleasant.

2) Very, very simply: ketones are products of fat digestion. The brain requires glucose (carbohydrates) for fuel, and can’t use fat. In the absence of glucose in the diet in quantities sufficient for a hungry brain (or in the case wherein the body cannot use glucose from the diet, a.k.a diabetes), stored fat is broken down into fatty acids and /glycerol/. Glycerol is further broken down into acetyl-CoA and then ketones (or ketone bodies, synonymous), which can be used by said sugar-starved brain.

Thanks soon to be Doctor Katherine! 😀  ( I hope first names are okay, if not just let me know and I’ll change your name to something obscure like Esther).

All in all, I’m declaring January a victory in life. What’s life without struggles, challenges, and goals? None of these have to be important to anyone else but yourself. 🙂


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