Diet Day 42: Preposterous Predicting

With all my ranting and raving yesterday about carbs and the weekend, it should come as no surprise that I’m posting a gain this week.


Now, I have a theory. I predict that this is primarily water retention and flared fat cells from the refined white sugars (flour, other starches, and literally sugars). So I’m going to weigh in for the next 3 days and see what changes occur.  If this is true it means something very important. My body is processing the extra salts and sugars from the weekend…  That or I’m an astrological anomaly and I’m gaining mass from an undisclosed dimension. So let’s see which is true, shall we?

Keeping with standard fair- because I worked out Sunday, yesterday was a hungry day and Cortez was on a warpath.  I keep saying “I don’t think I’ve ever been this hungry,” but if I keep saying it… either I’m relatively consistently the same level of hungry or I’m actually getting more hungry.

Bah. As I’m writing this Cortez has just erupted in hunger.  Which keeps consistent with the whole day after a workout thing (I need a shake…brb).

Back (took a bit longer than you’ll ever know because of, well, time… That’d be about 2 hours.)

I promise to keep this short, but have I mentioned that I love my boyfriend? Thursday is the dreaded “singles awareness holiday”, or Valentine’s Day (to the lay man and Catholic-oriented) in which we celebrate current relationships with material goods and (hopefully) good food in honor of a man who was martyred for marrying soldiers…  Wait, he was married to how many men? (Bahahaha aren’t I clever?) Seriously though, I feel like I’m ridiculously lucky to have found this guy in my life.  My gift arrived early and he gave it to me right there, an Amber Pumpkin Beer brewing kit. 🙂  If you know me, my favorite beers are both amber and pumpkin- But combined?  Woah… That’s almost too much to handle. I’m so excited to get to brew this with him in the upcoming months. On Thursday we’re going to a gastro-pub which is all about unique experiences in finely crafted food.  A lot of folks find it to be a waste of money… but I’m a foodie-nerd so I think it should be quite an adventure.

As for what I got him? You’ll just have to wait and find out. 🙂 As one of my favorite fictional characters constantly warns teasingly, “Spoilers…”. As many of you know today is “Fat Tuesday”. Another catholic based celebration in which folks celebrate by eating something horrible for you before sacrificing something for Lent. The period of 40 days observed before Easter (When Jesus went all Zombie and Catholics celebrate it for some reason). The point however, is that my boyfriend is from the Mid-West and apparently there’s a polish pastry that they used to have especially on Fat Tuesday. Yesterday he discovered that a local grocery chain gets them made special from a Polish bakery. So… Guess what I had? That’s right, in spite of my rant yesterday about carbs- a 600+ calorie Paczki.

And you know what? No regrets. It was effing delicious. I look forward to one next year.  If you’ve never had one? I highly recommend.

Dinner Last Night: Fabulous Burger (Based off an idea from my bf but tweaked to be my own), Broccoli Parmesan Fritters, Sweet Potato Fries

Additions or Changes:

  • Added Bacon and Paprika to the Broccoli Fritters
  • Fabulous Burgers are 3/4″-1″ thick slabs of healthy delicious secret for the moment, but I can throw the recipe up here if folks really want

Would I make it again? Yup… though a warning against making the broccoli fritters too thick…


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