Diet Day 43: Self Respect

With regards to yesterday’s prediction about water weight and the like.  I’d like to think a bit of validation is in order. When I weighed in this morning either I lost half a kidney or 1.2 lbs of water weight. And since the former is highly unlikely.  I’m going to stick with the theory that I was indeed retaining some water from the salt and carbs that I ate this weekend.

Official weight 265.4 lbs.

Tomorrow is definitely another weigh-in day.  I’m thinking it won’t be as much of a drop as I have a workout tonight and inflamed muscles retain water like a sponge… so maybe if I dehydrate myself- Kidding!  Don’t dehydrate yourself folks its not fun. Passing out, throwing up… Its not fun. I’ve honestly had it happen when I used to go jogging. Fortunately it wasn’t till I got home and woke up on the floor, but still!  Take care of yourself.  You only have one body, cyborgs aren’t a common place thing, yet.

It’s funny though, when you realize you’ve developed a good habit. This morning while driving into work I was talking with my co-worker and friend (and, well Boss actually). Without thinking I remarked how I was excited for this evening because I got to work-out (now now, don’t throw up on your keyboard.  I know its sickeningly in-line with this blog). I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s seen the commercials, posters, Memes, and other adverts remarking how “it’s all attitude.” While I’ll admit that attitude makes a big difference (its certainly helped me this time), I’m just not sure telling yourself “I GET to workout everyday” will really motivate you until you have an honest to goodness routine figured out.  

Now I’m not everyone and if that’s what helps some folks, or got others on the track to success- Congrats! 🙂 The point is that regardless of the healthy methods used to achieve weight maintenance a person is ultimately responsible for themselves and you’ll know better what works for you than anyone else. All it takes is a moment to step outside of your self and ask, “where am I struggling?” and maybe, “Would I let my friends, family, or children get away with that?” I’m not talking about shame, just… a threshold (shame is a dicey, loaded word. What I’m getting at is self-respect). Set goals and limits for yourself. If letting yourself eat whatever and do whatever got you into the state your in? Its time to identify what increases the struggle.

For me its carbs and salty snacks.  I know I’m gaining muscle, but damn if I don’t want to enhance my fat loss.

I’ve got a goal of walking shirtless during the 2014 summer. Sigh… the summer of 30.

Dinner Last Night: Make-shift “bean pot” (by yours truly)

Would I make it again? Definitely, a larger batch for a potluck or something this summer.

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