Diet Days 46, 47,48, & 49: Somewhere Between Fun and Ouch

All Hail the 3-Day weekend! Last Friday I spoke of the joys that included not having plans for the weekend, woe be unto the fool that I am. While not a difficult weekend for the diet, I will admit that I purposefully broke my diet yesterday (Monday) while in the grand scheme of things.  Those things including my partner’s asking me to move in with him. 🙂

Friday was fairly straight forward. No great changes, turn arounds or un anticipated carbotages. We had Lunch Box Labs for dinner.  So-so Mac ‘n Cheese (come on guys, for 5 bucks you could at least throw some fresh grated truffle on there!), but the burger and tots were dang good. The night jsut wasn’t complete until something unique happened.  So my car got a flat and I changed my first tire (for a relevant reason as opposed to a staged “just so you know” kinda scenario).  It was cold and dark, but it was in my old neighborhood and fortunately it wasn’t raining at all.

Saturday was an errands day. Starting off with buying 4 new tires at 8am, followed by some quality time before yoga and then cleaning, a vet appointment for my puppy (he’s actually 4, but looks like a puppy- yay king charles cavaliers), some beer then a mexican chicken fajita dinner with a friend and ending the night watching the adorable film Wreck-it Ralph (yay for early digital release)! A busy day to be certain, but a good a one.  Kept on diet (save for a sip of home made beer that my partner and a friend of his had just put in a keg, it was okay…. much better cold).

Sunday. Oh… where to begin. Sunday was part black bean turkey chili (delicious), part packing, part moving, part errands through Seattle. It just didn’t have the pep that Saturday did, it was like the evil step-sister.  I kept on diet though. No matter how hard I tried to buy some fried noodles at U-Village.

And then? Monday happened.  It started of decently enough. Woke up, gave my man a ride to work. My own place of employment was off in recognition of President’s Day for some reason (not sure since the owners are German… so your guess is as good as mine).  I headed back to my place to continue packing in preparation for the rental of a UHaul truck. A couple hours go by, I pack, I pick up my sick friend/helper for the day (whom I owe more than one simple meal btw… and you can hold me to this if you’re reading this), and we continue to pack and carry things out to the truck for until about 4pm when we’re able to coordinate. My friend grabs the boyfriend from work, while I drive the truck over to my new home.

What I’ve neglected to mention is that while I was consciously aware that a lot of things were easier to move (i.e. I’ve become stronger through my workouts) I pushed myself a little to hard at some point through the day.  I can’t say specifically where… But my back went from a joyous “yipee!” to a grumpy “shove it” in the span of 15 minutes.  It wasn’t pretty.  And true to form, like the idiot I am I ended up pushing through and finishing up with the help of my little brother and my boyfriend handling the rest of the big stuff.

I even pushed and made a major dent in unpacking!  But my back? Well… It kinda evolved from the grumpy “shove it” to an angry “take a chicken rib-cage suppository” (I know its graphic, but damn if I am/was not in pain).  The problem was I couldn’t sleep until I took a major dose of pain reliever wit ha benadryl chaser.  I’m not a fan of self-medicating… but sometimes.  Damn.

Dietly speaking Monday was a flop.  I had a mexican lunch with a domino’s pizza dinner.  I still had two of my shakes so the day wasn’t entirely nutritionally void, but calorically? While I was moving, lifting, effectively working out the whole day I was a caloric fool. With work-life deciding to dump on me and my poor diet this weekend I’m taking a “no weigh-in this week” stance.

I don’t have a good reason for not weighing in, but somethings got to give. I’m keeping on diet, but I’m going to wait and do an official weigh-in next Tuesday.

Meals this weekend: Too many


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