Diet Day 50: That Moment in Your Life When You Pay a Man to Walk on Your Back

In yesterday’s post I mentioned the pain that I was in with regards to my having moved this past Monday. Well? If at all possible it got worse… before it got better.

Perhaps not widely known is the art of thai-style massage. Its the style of massage that often involves the practitioner walking on your back. Its not necessary, but it definitely allows the masseur to place more bodyweight over a larger area. My back was angry and it was acting like a contagion. Every movement, form breathing to sitting down HURT. so what did I do? I went to yoga.

Ha! Kidding (sort of). My yoga instructor is a licensed and trained Massage Therapist and at 7:30 AM on Tuesday I had two choices.

  1. Continue popping pills, work through the pain which was worsening by the minute, and hope for the best.
  2. Call either chiropractor (expensive) or a Massage therapist (less expensive, more immediate results)

I opted for the massage because while I don’t mind Chiropractors, I really just needed my muscles to be worked and as I’ve been putting it, “deflated”. They were warm and swollen and I was in pain. What was a guy to do?

Apparently opt for more pain (for the hour of the massage), resulting in over all relief to be sure. But damn.

My yoga instructor used to be a bodybuilder and while he’s about 50 lbs less than me that’s still over 200lbs of man walking on my back.  Before I continue, let me remind you… I paid for this. While I can laugh now, during the massage I felt like I was being tortured. This isn’t a remark on my yoga teacher’s abilities nor should it imply that I mentally felt like I was ever in any greater distress than what my back was already providing me. I’ve heard from many folks that he is great at what he does.

And you know what? The intense massage worked.

Immediately I had better mobility and I felt such relief that words can’t describe.  I could breath. I could lift my arms, shrug, walk… all without pain.  Truly the best money I’ve spent. Thanks Mason.

All of this happened by 10am on Tuesday.

The rest of the day I was in primo shape. I drank my shakes, I made my meetings, and in the evening? I made a fantastic Stroganoff (save for the onions… which I thought were done, but apparently needed another 2 minutes… damn). I didn’t work out of course. As I’ve said before, treat your back kindly and it will be good to you. I don’t want a repeat of the blown out back of old.

All in all a day that started sour and became good real quick.  Great way to celebrate my 50th day into this diet.

Dinner Last Night: Hamburger Beef Stroganoff

Additions or Changes:

  • Ground Turkey instead of Beef
  • Extra Paprika
  • Instead of Egg Noodles I used Vita Spelt Macaroni noodles. Damn good and a lot healthier for you if you’re going a noodley route.

Would I make it again? Yup, gotta make it correctly. Darn you onions!


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