Diet Day 51: Recovering Cuddles

Sometimes you just want to punch someone.

Yesterday was an interesting day. Without going into too much detail, let’s just say that there’s something I know a lot about and this is Brainstorming. I’ve participated in  hundreds of brainstorms and lead many… many, many. I participated in an exercise that revolved around brainstorming yesterday that was… okay. And without revealing anything. Let me just say that I was told that I was doing it wrong and, well, the ego I found myself forced to deal with made me grumpy.

Not only that, but we have horrible chairs in our meeting rooms at my place of work. Combining my continued back recovery being thwarted by the chairs of doom with the ego in front of me.  I was on the verge of livid yesterday (I’d call it angry snark). But fortunately, my amazing boyfriend started texting me. Demanding cuddles.

Cute enough you could vomit right? Well tough. He’s mine, go get your own!

This combined with actual time to get my increased work-load done helped immensely. My mood lightened from accomplishments being done, sitting in a chair that offered full back support, and endearing texting from my man.  Ultimately? Yesterday evolved into a great day.

After work, I went home to cuddles.  From cuddles I ate a scone (bad me). Then after that we went to Mexican (that’s 3 times in less than a week for those who are counting think I enjoy it? Yes… yes I do) to celebrate my friend and yoga instructor’s birthday!  A fun evening with conversations ranging from building your own yurt to the Playstation 4’s being announced, naked muscle men holding cake (pro’s and cons), and more… A good evening all around.

Not a struggle for the diet (save for eating the scone, but it was going to go bad and dinner was three hours away…okay okay. I was bad) and again I didn’t work out, but then we all know why. Thinking I might work out tonight, but we’ll see.

I blame all the good things in life on the healing power of cuddling.



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