Diet Day 52: Recipe Suggestions & Work-Life Balance

Yesterday was busy.

I ended up working the whole day for about an 11-hour stretch. Its ridiculous. I love my job (I’m a Design Manager), but dang if yesterday wasn’t a touch over the top.

Something I strive for in my life is a healthy work/life balance.  I go to great extremes to ensure that I don’t work when I get home and I don’t spend much time at work on personal things.  There are of course exceptions as during my lunch I call insurance companies and battle cell phone bill battles, but for the better part- When I’m at work, I’m working.

What’s a bit annoying about long days though is that last night my personal time was shrunk to about two hours or so. I got cuddles and my man and I talked about a trip we’re taking in May, but dinner was leftovers and while I did end up grabbing a beer with some co-workers at the end of the day (love those guys), my only real “relax before sleep” was when I was sitting with my boyfriend watching a few episodes of “The New Normal” (great show! save for the god parent episode it felt… tangential and forced for political reasons).  I guess what I’m getting at- I just didn’t feel the balance yesterday.

Fortunately, today is Friday meaning that i’m now 7-ish hours from being able to head home and from there I get to drink beer, unpack, play video games and in general regain my balance.

Diet-wise Yesterday was all right.  Honestly I’m at a loss as to whether I had 3 or 4 shakes, haha. Needless to say, it wasn’t a hungry day and I’m okay with that. The trouble is I can’t quite decide what to make for dinner this weekend! I’ve done chili, stroganoff, beef daube (stew), chicken pot pie, lamb chops, broccoli fritters, gnocchi,  mac ‘n cheese (often), burgers, roast chicken, and…  I’m not sure what to make next. We have a lentil/quinoa melange that I make as a backup, but… hm.  I’m just not sure what to make.

Anyone have any ideas?

It needs to be healthy, but not “health food”.  And we’ve done Mexican a lot lately so that’s probably a non-starter. As much as I want to make pastas and pies (and I think I’m going to make a yeasted chocolate cake this weekend…), these just aren’t healthy meals to eat constantly (and they kinda kill the weight-loss goals I have).  That being said, throw me your best recipes.

Dinner Last Night: Leftovers


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