Diet Day 59: Overeating and Overtime


Its difficult to articulate how much your body consumes when you stay up until 5 am working.

I don’t do caffeine for a variety of reasons (the final nail was an ulcer, but that’s another story) but last night I broke that rule.  On top of this… when you push the envelope.  I was surprised how quickly I became physically hungry so I fed… on baked chips and two leftover biscuits from earlier in the week.

I’m concerned enough to know that this is a unique situation and that come the finish of this project that has some pretty heavy power pushing it… I’m okay for being squishy on the diet this one, unique time.

That being said, I worked out and had sushi for dinner yesterday. It was delicious.

Hope that my consumption of caffeine doesn’t cause my molecules to vibrate at a super-fast speed resulting my falling through the chair, the floor, and ultimately into the Earth’s  molten, iron core.


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