Day 1: Diet Take 2 (or Diet: The Revenge)

Well it happened. I landed yet another job (hopefully that didn’t come off as bragging, it certainly wasn’t intended so) and with it I’m back on the wagon.

Same rules apply this time around. Going to post the following morning about the previous day. It will include ups and downs, annoyances, joys and recipes. Already I’m hitting the same wall I did when I started back in January. My stomach got used to such large meals that its angry that I’ve only had three shakes thus far today.

Now, Why ( you might ask) did you not continue your diet while out of work?

The answer is simple. I was ten feet from a kitchen and I’m a total foodie. When I’m not otherwise occupied by work or projects I make cooking and baking into my projects. LOVE IT. Anyways, while I did accomplish several things during my unemployment, none of them were as distracting or focus-oriented as a good job. These might sound like excuses (which they totally are), but at the same time they’re the truth. I love to cook and I love to eat. Both of these are hindered when employed, so here I am again.

Weigh-ins will still be on Tuesday mornings and workouts will continue as normal. It’s funny, while unemployed I kept up on this and actually increased my frequency to 3 hour classes and 1 half hour class… And that’s up from a total of 2 half hour classes back in January!

So while I took about 5-6 weeks break on my diet. I’m back. This year is the year.


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