Days 5,6 and 7: Cortez’s Weekend


For those of you new to the program, I don’t generally update on the weekend.  Something about a 9am workout on Saturday kills my motivation to sit in front of a computer for any length of time and try to recall what I did the day before. Why? That’s a fantastic question!

Now, moving on…

Friday: A long day by all accounts. I woke up early, helped usher my partner off on his long weekend vacation down in Vegas and got to work at 7:30. Nothing out of the normal here (especially since that was the time I got to work with my last job), save for the new place of work having a little issue with overtime. *le sigh*

So after killing time in the parking lot of my place of work for a half hour- Believe me, compared to walking (which was an option), this was the healthier choice.  I really didn’t need a latte from any of the three Starbucks in any of the three directions that were available to me. So after killing time, I went into work at 8am and didn’t leave till 6pm.  Technically overtime occurred, but I’ll suck it up.  I’m a team player.

Shakes happened and then so did a snack, followed by Indian food at my favorite Indian Restaurant. Now… The funny thing here is that the snack wasn’t avoidable.  I was starving at 6pm…  To keep my metabolism going I needed something.  I was already shaked out and Dinner wasn’t for another 2-3 hours (originally it was supposed to be 8pm, but my family has a steadfast tradition of bucking timeliness when it comes to spending time with each other) as a result I had a snack and then dinner.  Not great, but not horrible. Especially since as a result I ate only a third of my dinner. So I’m thinking things balanced out pretty well on Friday.

Saturday: As is the case with Saturdays… They’re usually less long and more fun. Woke up, had a shake and went off to yoga. Fortunately it was a moderate class compared to the two on Monday then Wednesday, but still a good workout. After that, the basics. Errands, meeting with a few folks, getting some work done. Finally, FINALLY “watched” The Walking Dead on Netflix (by watched I mean it was on in the background while I was doing other things). That evening I took my friend Katherine out in part for her birthday and to hang out with a few of the girls at Karaoke. The night finished up at Barrio which included Fresh-made churros with spicy chocolatl-sauce. Delicious.

The only real down side on Saturday was that I only ended up having a single shake in the morning. The rest was left-overs (as there were many) and perhaps the rest of a bag of kettle brand salt & pepper chips.

Sunday: I slept in. No no, don’t roll your eyes… do you understand how important it is that I slept in?

I got 9 hours sleep. It was AMAZING.

My dog behaved himself, I didn’t have to get up to use the restroom… Everything aligned.  That being said. I did hedge my bets by taking a Benadryl (also to treat this persistent ear-ache I have) and as a result got a really deep night of sleep. Now… On this day I did laundry, dishes, cleaned a few things, organized and cataloged seeds (more on this in a later post) and had a really chill day at home. Unfortunately this was almost exactly like my days of unemployment and as a result, no shakes were drank. I had left overs (from Barrio) on top of a mini double-blackberry pie (I purchased to use a restroom the night before), leftovers (from earlier in the week), a quart of strawberries and salad soup (I know what you’re thinking…  *vomit* right? But it was actually pretty good) with part of a rosemary loaf.   Actually looking at that… Save for the pie? That’s not a bad day. Just wish I had the discipline to stick to shakes at home.

I just wish cooking wasn’t so easy.

Dinner This Weekend: 

  • Friday: Paneer Shahi with Onion Stuffed Naan at Taste of India
  • Saturday: Mexican Coke-Braise Pork Belly tacos at Barrio
  • Sunday: Salad Soup (based off the recipe here, but altered) with Rosemary Bread

Additions or Changes:

  • Sunday: I didn’t use Coriander, but instead added a packet of roasted Garlic I had made from the freezer and added a generous amount of this onion powder mix I like and a bit of truffle salt on top… Quite tasty.

Would I make it again?

  • It was actually quite good.

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