Days 12, 13 and 14: Good, Okay, Good

Happy Monday! While this might sound like it’s the beginning of a cheerful essay by that annoying individual who is always in a good mood despite all evidence and perhaps even requirement to the contrary, I assure you… This Monday in particular just happens to be an excellent Monday. But let’s rewind a bit.

Friday was a good day. I ran out of work-hours for the week. While this is kind of annoying (as I am happy to work overtime as necessary), I found myself more than ecstatic to take off from work at about 2pm and get an early start on the weekend.  I ran errands, bought the necessities for Capresse Salad later in the weekend and all was going well till- hurk! This next bit is a glimpse into a summary of what went through my head… Yes, that made sense.

“I got shot down by not one, but two recruiters for potential job employment.  Yes, yes I’ve got a job and I should be happy. And who knows, doing something not challenging for a while might be a good thing…(?) But damn if I’m not keeping my ear to the ground. I enjoyed being a manager, I enjoy being in the know and communicating with the rest of the leadership and guiding brainstorms and inviting collaboration and making potential tough calls, wrong or right-  Blah. But the world doesn’t seem ready for me to be a manager thanks to my less than stellar twice laid-ff resumes… (companies down-sizing are a bitch, just saying)”

So I was feeling a bit down. As a result though, my amazing partner in his infinite wisdom offered to take me out to dinner and a movie in spite of having stresses in his own professional life at the moment.  I love him. 🙂 So we had Szechuan Chinese, caught Oblivion at the shopping center (which was sci-fi light, but still a fun romp) and finished the night with a good cuddle, homemade chocolate ganache (with pretzel chips for dipping) while in front of the TV with a puppy on the lap.  All in all and in spite of rejection, I finished my shakes and stayed mostly on target. Just a bit of emotional eating.

Saturday was pretty straight forward. No shakes.

Haha, I mean… wait, I think I had one protein shake before the workout. Yes, I think that’s right (or was it after? Anyways…).  I met up with a friend to help them learn about Google Analytics. And when she tried to pay me, I told her no and so she demanded to take me to lunch and I said “I s’pose” and then we ended up at my favorite vegan restaurants in Seattle, Plum.  Or rather “Plum Cafe” which is a new little branch of there’s up off of 15th just down from Victrola and Coastal Kitchen. To summarize, my vegan lunch was tasty and healthy. Afterward I went and fixed up my the family front and back yards as they had not seen a mower since the fall.  Three hours later, I headed home and took a brief nap before heading to dinner with friends I hadn’t seen since Christmas Eve at Rock Bottom. I devoured a Reuben, a beer and a frozen yogurt from Blissberry( shush, don’t you judge. All I’d had all day was a shake and tasty tempeh). Between the workout and mowing the jungle- I mean lawn, I felt caloric-ally I’d earned it. After that? Another evening of cuddles, puppy-lovin’ and sleep.

Sunday? Well, that’s a horse of a different color.  I had two shakes (should have had 3 or four given the time-span) and then a two part dinner. Capresse Salad and then homemade Cottage Pie.  Damn nourishing, that food is.  The rest of the day was incredibly chill, which frankly is what Sundays should be. My partner and I ran errands, took a walk, did laundry, got things cleaned and took care of life.

If I had to sum up the weekend diet-wise, it would be good, bad, good.  I know I didn’t eat perfectly (or even close to, as a matter of fact), but proportionally? I feel I did rather well in spite of the food not being necessarily the most nutritious. And from a stress-level/personal life standpoint? I don’t think it would take a lot to point out that life is good. 🙂


Dinner this weekend… Yeah, no summary today. Too many things to be concise. 😉


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