Day 15: Ch-ch-ch-changes

In modern culture, Mondays are the equivalent of death.  They are a sad day in which people are set to mourn the loss of freedoms and return to our paid internment. Like a Seal mother that doesn’t want to leave its pup exposed to the horrors of survival, but must disappear for up to three days while feeding to gain the sustenance necessary to support its offspring; we give up our freedom of the weekend to hunt out the finances to support living.  Its rough. Usually…

This Monday however resulted in my partner accepting a new job! Which, considering the job will better appreciate his skills and abilities, is just amazing. 😀 So Monday is going great so far, right?  Well! From there we had a great shake day, a good workout, then a celebration with some natural non-greasy pizza from ‘Zaw pizza (a local company that is kinda like Papa Murphy’s, but is actually tasty and about as nutritious as a Pizza can get). That’s a pretty damned nice day if you ask me (and cuddles should be assumed at this point, I mean really).  To be fair, I had maybe a slice or two more than I should have, but they were iddy-bitty medium sized pizza slices with really good ingredients, so I’m only half-annoyed with myself.

My only point of annoyance yesterday was how someone in my office brought the most fragrant phad thai into our shared office that I’ve ever smelled.  And as I sat there sucking down my vegan shake… I was perhaps a little irate with jealousy as my stomach demanded the tasty carbs they were consuming on the opposite side of the room. But I hardened my nerves and worked through it.  And am less carbed for it.

This brings us to today’s weigh-in!


That’s down from 266.2 this time last week!  A good day all around. 🙂

Dinner Last Night: 

  • Several slices of Medium-sized pizza from ‘Zaw (website)

Additions or Changes:

  • We got the Chicago Deli, the Roast Veg Head and one other… I think the Tailgate.

Would I make it again?

  • Darn tootin’. When the need for pizza rears its head we’re headed here.

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