Day 17: Of Haircuts


I’ve had my hair any number of lengths and hues.  I’m talking long enough to be pulled back into a short ponytail (the longest its been) down to a simple buzz-cut. When looking at a color-wheel its been everything. From something reminiscent of tropical waters to that which is easily likened to the world’s most intricate orange jello-mold. I’ll probably post pictures someday, its something I’m unsure of considering my lack in public exposure so far. But they say pictures are also a fantastic motivator when it comes to dieting.

I mention my hair because for the past two-three years (since prior to this, I had fun exploring the rainbow with my head), I’ve kept it at its most consistent… When it gets beyond 2 inches in length, I go for the gold and get my hair cut back to the way its supposed to be (love my stylist by the by, if you need a recommendation in Seattle just let me know).  Yesterday was no exception, its short and I’m comfortable again.  I’ve developed a knack for feeling uncomfortable if something isn’t “right” with myself.  You know the feeling. When you somehow know that you’ve got your undershirt on backwards without actually seeing it?  When your belt is flipped or you’re wearing non-matching socks (I actually do this on purpose more often than not, why? Why not. Its fun and a conversation starter… :P)  The point is, I felt out of sorts with longer hair and so I got it cut. I’m wondering if there’s anyway I can develop this feeling about my body with regards to being overweight…?

I think the notion seems admirable enough. Now this isn’t talking about self-guilt or working out quick answers like bulimia. This is more being able to envision myself in a realistic body shape/weight and being in the presence of mind to maintain it without fretting. Say for exampled, what if I gain five pounds. I’d have the same “something’s wrong” feeling and then I cut back on sugary things and carbs for a few weeks (not entirely, just mostly) until life is good.  Doesn’t that seem kinda zen? Being self-aware enough to regulate based off of whether I feel out of sorts or not.  We all do this with cleaning, grooming, etc… And a large number of folks (I feel) regulate with regards to their bodies without even thinking about it; so why not me?

As great as my imagination is and my ability to put ideas to paper (I should really post some stuff more complex than doodles here), my one concern is that I need to get there first. I need to achieve an optimal body-weight in order to set my self-expectation as realistically as possible.  The fun part of course is to see how my body evolves as I continue staying fit (since anyone who’s lost a lot of weight can tell you there’s skin concerns), which allows me the freedom to change my perception of baseline. I just have to reach it first.

Just a thought.

Diet-wise (no I didn’t forget), yesterday was pretty good. I opted for two bananas instead of my last shake yesterday.  I was starving for something a touch less liquid based. I headed for my haircut and got home to a late capresse salad and bacon crumbled on top of steamed collared greens with rainbow chard.  Not a bad dinner. 🙂


Dinner Last Night: 

  • Capresse Salad with Crumbled bacon over Steamed Collard Greens and Rainbow Chard

Additions or Changes:

  • For the Capresse I top it with Basalmic and used freeze-dried basil as a substitue for fresh basil… its actually a rather good substitute that doesn’t go bad. 🙂
  • When I steam collared greens and Rainbow chard, I’d liken it to blanchign them. Just until the color turns a brilliant emerald and then I pull them off the steamer. I can’t stand over-cooked greens.

Would I make it again?

  • Definitely.

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