Day 22: Hot Tamale


Yesterday we broke the record high by 10+ degrees.  I’d heard we successfully beat out Phoenix, AZ for the highest recorded temperature in the nation!  I don’t know if that’s really something to be proud of… Regardless I’m happy to say that the workout yesterday was more about flexibility and head stands than it was sit-up reps or beating our record of 175 push-ups in a single class. While not as intense as usual, I stil maintained a decent sweat in spite of my weak shoulders. 🙂

To weigh-in this morning, I’m proud to say that I’ve lost 2lbs this week over last.

261.8 lbs

Not bad, not bad. All things considered I’m surprised I lost any weight. But then that means… I could have lost more.  Now THERE’S motivation for ya.The faster I lose the weight the quicker I can get back to only having protein shakes as a supplement and maybe as a breakfast on weekdays. Ah… the Dream Life. Right now, my goal is to make it down to 240 by the end of June. I think its difficult, but doable. Just gotta keeps the carbs and simple sugars at a minimum and I think I can hit it.

By the by, one thing I’ve taken to doing since starting work/the diet again (and I’m surprised I haven’t brought it up until now), but when given the chance I grab a pear or banana about 45 min-1 hour before my workout. Not consistently mind you, but the days I do? More often than not, the workouts go one heck of a lot smoother.  I give that qualifier because sometimes I feel like I’m going to be revisited by the fruit in a most unpleasant manner. I can easily state however, that one of two things needs to happen for me to feel this way.  I either have to have consumed the food about 30 minutes or less before the workout (yay slow digestion!) or the workout has to be especially hard. If neither is the case though, the added calories and natural sugars are just the energy boost I need. 🙂

Last night was another personal mish-mash.  We had some black bean burgers courtesy of  Morning Star with a slice of Beecher’s Flagship cheese garnished with chunky guacamole and chunky salsa. On the side we had a blend of BBQ baked beans and black beans with steamed carrots and broccoli that had Roasted Tomatillo Salsa drizzled over the top.

Darn nourishing I’ll tell ya.

Dinner Last Night: 

  • Black Bean Burgers with Cheese, Guac, and Salsa
  • Baked Beans/Black Bean Mixture
  • Steamed Carrots & Broccoli with Tomatillo Salsa

Additions or Changes:

  • Home-cookin’ slapdash. So I’d say no?

Would I make it again?

  • Yup! Buns are for suckers. I’d rather have extra guac than a bun. Flavor!!

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