Day 24: Shouldering the Pain


This week my yoga class has been rather shoulder and wrist happy (insert required limp-wristed joke here, though frankly… I’ve never been one to flail). This means that sleep doesn’t happen easily.  Now “why” you might ask does this make for poor sleeping conditions? The answer is simple, I sleep on my side. And when the portion of my side that is pressed most firmly into the mattress is rebuilding itself in glorious pain? All I can do flop to lying on my back and sigh… then pass out. 🙂

I think I hear the world’s tiniest violin playing Paganini somewhere in the distance. Haha.

Really, if this is what I’m concerned about… I think things are going well, don’t you? And to be completely honest, shoulders are one of those things that I want to be ripped apart and built  well. I want huge shoulders! Shoulders that stretch a shirt across your chest! Shoulders that are shapely and act as color guard for the gigantic melon that is my monster-sized head.  Pecs of death (think Chris Hemsworth as Thor) would be great too. But really , I’m thinking let’s start with some damn nice shoulders.

Diet-wise, I only had two shakes yesterday.  The reason, while not great for my diet was good for my soul. I got to sit down with my older bro whom I haven’t gotten to see in almost a month. It was good to catch up over a plate of Phad Thai (I might be obsessed… I need to figure out a healthier alternative to rice noodles) and talk about where life is headed. This isn’t so bad right? Well that’s not the only meal I ate yesterday.

Last night was another “What’s in the kitchen?” for dinner night.  So we cooked up ground turkey with wilted spinach, served next to steamed broccoli florets, and some fresh made mashed red potatoes (with tons of fresh ground pepper, 6 cloves of roasted garlic and a pinch of rosemary salt).   Randomly I mashed up some avocado to add flavor to the dish and reheated some extra mole sauce from the previous weekend.  This meal? Total success.  Perhaps a little starchier than I’m aiming for these days, but still filled with good fats, and plenty of healthy veggies.

Again, there’s the whole, “I’m home, why can’t I cook?” argument. Overall I think I did pretty well given the circumstance, but I do this all with the understanding that I’m probably only going to get one more lunch in the foreseeable future (before my favorite person leaves to start his new job).  After that final lunch, no more lunches for me during this diet.

And I know I can do that. I already have.

Dinner Last Night: 

  • Steamed Broccoli Florets
  • Wilted Spinach on spiced, ground turkey (pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, mustard, rosemary salt)
  • Mashed red potatoes (with tons of fresh ground pepper, 6 cloves of roasted garlic and a pinch of rosemary salt)
  • Mashed Avocado (pinch of honey salt, lime, and ground pepper for flavor)
  • Mole Sauce (leftovers)

Additions or Changes:

  • Home-cookin’ “What’s in the kitchen.”

Would I make it again?

  • Definitely.

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