Day 25: Preparing for Parties


A short one today, as we do have the weekend upon us and I don’t want to distract too much from the inane dragging that is Friday.

This weekend I have a couple celebrations.  First and foremost (as I may have alluded to before) on both Friday and Saturday nights I am celebrating my birthday. Friday night I’m headed to a restaurant with my extended family to celebrate not one, but two birthdays! My own and that of my step-sister. I’m sure it will be a grand old time as my gigantic nuclear family meets at (wait for it) Claim Jumper. While not my personal favorite, I’ve definitely been there before. I do have a bit of concern over whether I can find something on the menu that’s not SO far off my diet that I’ll be paying for it the following morning during yoga (which yes, even though Saturday is my actual birthday, I’m definitely working out… And bringing my older, marathon running brother along for the ride *evil laugh*). Claim Jumper as a restaurant is known for its giant proportions.  To which (now that I think about it), perhaps my partner and I can simply split something and get a salad if we both need a little extra. Hm… a plan is forming.

As for a continued description of Saturday, that’s just simply going to have to wait till next week. While I planned it and its at a Brewery I mentioned having been to before… That’s about the extent to which I have any hope of knowing what’s going to happen.

Yesterday was a good day for my diet. Four shakes yesterday and really good workout (the shoulders should sort themselves out by Sunday or Monday I’m hoping). We then had leftovers (plus a black bean patty) for dinner and perhaps a bit of successful ice cream bread. It was super duper tasty. So I’m thinking I’ll pop a couple of those in the over tonight or tomorrow morning to bring along to the party… fresh chocolate ganache drizzled over the top… Mmmm. It’ll be a good cake- But then I also hear tell that there’s going to be Pie?  Anyways (I just DON’T know why I’m getting distracted by this weekend), with 20+ people showing up.. this should be ridiculous if nothing else.

I’ll have plenty to report on Monday I’m sure. Oh! And Happy Mother’s Day to my favorite lady, mah Mum. 🙂 I’ll be seeing you Sunday, hopefully my reservations come through.

Dinner Last Night:

  • Leftovers plain and simple

What’s in good pain right now:

  • Both shoulders

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