Day 30: Nauseated


Monday’s workout largely dealt with the ability to perform and sustain head stands.  While I’m not quite there muscle-wise that doesn’t mean I don’t want to try. And try I did. I got into proper form (hands all equilateral triangle-like and lifted my legs onto my arms for support and after learning to ignore the humming coming from the top of my head, successfully lifted my legs up above my torso and like a drunk elephant on the high wire, quickly came crashing back to Earth.  Its not the crashing back to Earth that bothers me, that happens all the time.You get up, dust yourself off and try again right? Well, what if after that crash you were dizzy. And even though you continued to try, you found yourself getting nauseated (quick note: as my friend Brittany would point out here- If you describe yourself as nauseous, you are in fact describing yourself as being something that causes others to become nauseated. Thank you Big Bang Theory). Well, what if the nausea was enough to make you leave class early… And its Wednesday and you still aren’t feeling 100%.

Yeah, yeah… I think I’ll setup a doctor’s appointment if I’m not feeling better by tomorrow. Ugh. I’m not queasy enough to lack an appetite, but the humming at the base of my skull combined with a general notion that throwing up is just around the corner- it, well, its getting rather annoying.

Yesterday I stuck around work for as long as I could (which was till 4:30pm admittedly), but then threw in the towel, drove home, popped a dramamine (which helped greatly), passed out for 30-40 minutes and was able to make it through the evening. I do feel a little bit of shame in going to sushi the same day I wrote the journal entry about buckling down on my diet, but its largely protein right? I just- the thought of standing up and cooking with my head being all gross was too much for me.

Bleh, I might end up working from home today if my head doesn’t straighten up here in the next few hours. Blah.

Rule one of any diet and workout regimen (or, perhaps life?) is to take care of yourself. Just take care of yourself okay?

Dinner Last Night: 

  • Sushi Mojo (had some takoyaki, yum!)

Additions or Changes:

  • No?

Would I make it again? 

  • I would/will go there again.

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