Day 32: Knees and Headaches


This week just isn’t doing right by my body.  At this point I don’t think I can point to Monday as the cause, but my head has been less than thrilled.  I’m not one to normally have headaches, I mean… I’ve had them, but they’re not common and I’ve flirted with several this week. On top of that my knee, my damn knee has been bullying me this week. Argh!!  After years of nothing? It flares up again.

There’s been no drastic change to my diet, nothing extremely different exercise-wise.  I guess I just need to take it easy on it for a bit.  Fortunately I should still be able to go to yoga as very few things involve pressure on the knee, the exercises that do? I’ll baby it for a bit.


*Done bitching…mostly*

I didn’t end up working out last night.  When I got home a headache flattened me and in spite of the tasty, toasted 80 cal tortilla with onion powder baked into it….  in spite of this pick-me-up of energy? I was dead. Ugh. Haha, I think a break is okay.  The point of this diet/workout isn’t to kill myself, but to get fit.

If I don’t go to yoga on Saturday morning though, I’m thinking a day hike with a knee brace is in order.

Diet-wise yesterday was indeed a good day.  I got 3 shakes in, had the onion tortilla (admittedly a couple of two different types of triscuit, but neither of them met the onion craving I was having), then my partner made ad-hoc okonomiyaki (japanese-style pancakes).  Oh man… they were delicious.  Think of several shredded vegetables, mixed with spices and egg, a little bit of shredded potato then fried on a hot surface.  YUM.  We put salsa/pico de gallo on them (talk about fusion) and had a sausage each.  They were AMAZING.  Next time we’re making the sauce too.

This weekend shouldn’t be difficult diet-wise.  Some outings with some friends, but largely? I look forward to not having to think for a while.

Dinner Last Night: 

  • Onion baked Tortilla Thing
  • Okonomiyaki (ish)
  • johnsonville chicken sausage

Additions or Changes:

  • Instead of cabbage in the okonomiyaki, we used leeks… delish.
  • added pico de gallo on top of the pancakes

Would I make it again? 

  • Everything but the sausage.  It tasted… I dunno, fake.


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