Days 36 & 37: A Little Off-Topic


This isn’t the busiest I’ve been, nor the most stressed (especially when reflecting upon the past 12 months). But I’ve got to say that things for the past week have been a little bumpy… For good and bad reasons alike. First off.  I missed updating yesterday because I’ve got something fun coming down the pipeline that I’m not able to talk about yet (especially since I just don’t know if its going to happen or not).  When I know the concrete, I’ll talk about it. If you’re in proximity to me you’ll appreciate  Beyond that one thing? I’m ready for a little escape. And you know what?!  I’m going to be on a boat!  Floating and drawing, floating and reading… And caring for my poor puppy who is a little worse for wear.

At some point, perhaps even 6 months ago he got some food stuck under his gums that now we have to get a tooth pulled. But wait, that’s not all!

I’ve taken to calling him “Gimpy” and “Rug”. Before you bellow at me for being a poor owner, know that I say it out of love (and observation of his presence in a room). He’s been in all kinds of bad shape and for good reasons too. He had a play weekend over at my friends/old neighbors place and ended up playing fetch for 6-7 hours straight (they had family visiting so it wasn’t just one person throwing the ball… my dog know’s how to work a crowd). As a result however he got bad muscle cramps that have lasted a week. 😦 Poor little guy. He found heaven and discovered it has a price.

What I do want to talk about is my weigh-in! 259.7 lbs. Obviously not the full jump I was hoping for but considering how poorly life went health-wise this past week (between a plausible concussion and the whiskey?), I’ll take it.

That being said, I’ve got two days to cover here, so let’s summarize.

Monday was a good day both diet-wise and workout-wise. What does this mean exactly? I completed both.  And after not working out for a week I’m feeling it. Oh man am I feeling it. Dinner was a kind of Kashi-mix/spelt pasta thing that my partner put together.  I ended up eating an entire can of black beans on top of this and added a dab of sour cream and bacon to it for flavor.  Not a small meal… but after the workout I was a black hole.

Tuesday was a bit of an odd-duck day. I had a good weigh-in, but I only downed 2 shakes in the period between 7AM and 3PM. I can’t go into it those potentially fun details (as stated above). I struggled food-wise… as when I had to leave work for vet related issues, I ended up grabbing hummus and these great new (at least to me) Veggie Sticks by the good folks at The Daily Crave. They’re vegan (which doesn’t matter to me, but I know does to several of my peeps) and they are tasty-licious.  Also? 130 calories for french fry-sized, 77 sticks.  For something this tasty its a freaking crime!  I love it.  Anyways I had those and for dinner made a casual melange.  Steamed broccoli with carrots, boiled beats, quinoa, and pan fried TVP with Andouille Pork Sausage cut up in the mix.  I topped it with a bit of leftover gravy and my eyes were bigger than my stomach because I could only really eat half what I took.

(Pssst… That last part was a really good thing.)

So while Tuesday wasn’t perfect? It also wasn’t bad.Weighed in at a lower weight and am gaining control on portions.. mostly. Still better to be on more days than off. After all, the goal isn’t starvation, its finding the right balance. 🙂


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