Days 40 through 43: Quality of Life


Sometimes the point isn’t to lounge in the sun, but rather to get away from the routine that defines your life on a weekly basis.  Friday was a good day diet-wise. I made it through three shakes and then headed to Toulouse Petite for our new Friday tradition. Food and drink were of course amazing and the company was pretty darned good too.  We walked around a bit and gathered the necessities for a weekend of boating.  That’s right, BOATING. Or I guess to be more accurate, sailing in the San Juan Islands.

My long-time neighbors and friends invited my partner and I out on their sailboat for Memorial Day weekend and wouldn’t you know it? It rocked. No, not the weather. Not even the fact that the engine quit about 8 miles from the dock and we got (had to) sail. And ignoring the fact that the bridge near Mt Vernon on I-5 collapsed. You know what all those things did? They made this weekend interesting. 🙂 I love my friends. A lot of other people would have probably freaked out or given up at the start, but these folks are quality individuals. They tried apologizing profusely for all the previously mentioned details, but in the end? I had fun and got to relax.  I got to hike a little when the weather was good on Saturday, I got to go sailing, chat about all facets of life and I ate things that normally I wouldn’t go near (Hi Reese’s Pieces).  I even finished a few books and started some new ones. I outlined the first half of a story that I’ve had floating in my head for the past 5 years.  5am wake-up calls from doggies and no showers aside, these things make for a good change of pace.

My one real lament is that I didn’t have my Fitbit with me!  I’ve misplaced the little bugger at home while packing and am hoping I find it soon since I do heart it so. Also there’s my partner whom, gosh I love him, he doesn’t do so well on boats let alone alone a 30 foot sailboat. He actually did rather well until our forced sailing exercise at the end of the weekend, but he did his best and I will never force him onto a boat again in my life…  Unless its a matter of life or death, then I might amend that.

Anyways, before the sailing exercise we just had a wonderful time. Most folks would have vomited given the amount of (cute… I mean) time we spent cuddling, reading our respective books in each other’s arms. Ridiculous, this man of mine. Ridiculously wonderful that is.

I suppose I should speak to the diet as that is the goal of this blog. From a mental health point of view I feel that this weekend was a success. I mean, I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that Sunday could have gone a little less bumpy, but in order to be able to function in life’s rigamarole and not want to slap everyone you live/work with. Sometimes you just need to escape. Food-wise… Well this weekend I’m going to chock-up to being on vacation. I had a single Jones Soda on each of the days… and while none of the food was horrible for me (save for perhaps the popcorn chips which we devoured ravenously) the sedentary lifestyle and increase in carbs and salt was definitely counter-productive to my diet efforts.

This morning I weighed in at 260.4lbs. A bit of an increase, but I have a feeling that it’ll come off rather easily as I know I’m retaining water and all that. I just get to hit the yoga space three times this week to work up a sweat and show off my amazing progress next week!

This time for the last time, right? But never to sacrifice quality of life.


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