Day 50: Of Excuses & Expectations


I’ve been looking at my past 20 days of blogging and man! I’ve had a horrible track record of accountability. Sure I have some valid excuses, but really? There is no excuse for getting the french fries instead of the salad. There isn’t. Sure I’ve increased the amount of veggies I’m consuming, but the intent wasn’t to counterbalance the increase in crap food.

There’s no excuse. It appears that the truth of the matter is that I’ve lost my accountability and that has to stop.

Diet (I’m talking lifestyle, not short-term) means that I have to be aware of what and how much. Just like yesterday when I that I wasn’t going to have any more froyo, I’m going to state this simple fact.  I am not going to have another carby-fried meal until when I think back I can’t recall the exact date of the last time I did or its been a month (month being the minimum, can’t easily remember being the intent). Simply put, the goal is to let myself enjoy these things, but sparingly.  I can still have bits of carbs here and there, but the full on french fries and burger? That can’t be a 2-3 times a week venture. Its not good for me and its not in my best interest long term. I can still have these things but occasionally and in small portions. After all if you have something all the time it becomes the norm and rather blasse right? I want french fries and ice cream to be special. So those are now rare items for me.

I think I’ll start taking my friends on walking dates. Heading to dog parks and the like (or possibly just some of the really nice parks we have around here) if want to catch up. Sitting and talking? Not an option anymore.

And now the real admission of actualized guilt. I weighed in this morning and I’m up two lbs from this weekend’s adventures. 260 lbs. Sigh…  this is going to change!  I will be 250 by the end of June if I have to go strictly spinach and boiled chicken breasts for the last week.  I know a bit of it is going to be water retention again from the Chicken Florentine I had on Sunday. But water retention shouldn’t be a weekly excuse.

Diet-wise yesterday was okay. 3 shakes, with a tortilla with black beans before Yoga. Then Okonomiyaki with sausages for dinner. Admittedly I had about 7 of the hockey-puck sized (circumference-wise, but only half the thickness) things… but man… they were veggie tasty. Next time though Patrick? Stop at five. Ladle half a serving, serve a partial scoop. That way if I do go back for a sequel, it’ll be just that many fewer calories.

Let’s start tracking this.

Days since I’ve eaten…

  • Ice Cream or other Desert: 2
  • Deep Fried food: 3
  • A Carb-focused meal: 2

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