Day 57: Is there something to report?


Yesterday I focused on work and my dog. The poor little guy had a bad tooth and had to have it removed. As a result that means I get to brush his teeth more often! Yay… (where’s that sarcasm font). But seriously, I feel bad for the little guy and will be trying harder to make sure that I stay consistent with his brushing.  I don’t want to pay $600+ for him again…  Not for a long time, because oh… I will. But yargh if that’s not expensive.

Additionally I didn’t get to workout (between work and snatching a puppy back from the vet).  Dinner was a salad (from the garden) with tomato soup, a piece or two of bread and two chicken beer bratwurst (short and tasty). I’m annoyed at myself for not stopping at one piece of bread, I did however only have one bowl of soup :). I’ll do better this time. For snack after work I had a tiny organic nectarine and some veggie chips (chip versions of those vegan veggie sticks I mentioned about before). All in all? A good day and night.

Not much, though I am preparing myself for my mom’s and dad’s birthday’s this week… Why so much tasty potential?!

This morning’s weigh in is 256.8 lbs. That’s a 3.2 lb difference from this time last week. 🙂

Days since I’ve eaten…

Ice Cream or other Desert: 2
Deep Fried food: 10
A Carb-focused meal: 9


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