Days 60 – 63: Taking July Off

Thursday and Friday (days 60 and 61) were kind of a sprint for me. I had the pleasure of driving through Seattle, Lynnwood, Everett Marysville and the Mt Vernon construction traffic (did you hear? we had a bridge on I-5 collapse…a month ago)… on top of staying up late and getting a heap of work done. Now, this was all worth it you see, because I got to hang with a dear friend of mine whom I haven’t seen since September. We got to catch up and watch a sneak peek of the full Monster’s University film by Pixar. It was really well done and ridiculously cute. Quality kid’s film all the way. The short? Wow… Now that is something else.  That’s enough to make me want to study and implement textured for the rest of my life.  I could have sworn I was watching a video of real life… Until the unexpected happened. I’m not going to say, but you should go see Monster’s Uni if just to see the short.

Saturday (62) was a rush day if just for the fact that even though it was a rough drive, I just could not fall asleep on Friday night.For the life of me… I couldn’t fall asleep.  I had to move from the air mattress to the couch in the living room before I even slept for more than 5 minutes.  And then? It was barely 3 hours. Argh.  So Saturday ended up being a caffeine day for me.  Which surprise… actually kept me awake.We made it back home around midday since we had plans to meet up with some other friends and my older brother was coming into town to join us for celebrating my dad’s birthday- but by the time we’d picked up my dog and made it home? We barely made it to bed. Well that’s only partially true. I watered the garden towers (since it had been about 5 days since their last watering) and then I crawled into bed. I cuddled, blinked and somehow 90 minutes went by and I missed a call from the same brother whom I called back and was so tired asked if he could bus up to our place. He got most of the way, but I felt horrible so I called him up (couldn’t fall back to sleep) and arranged to meet and give him a ride for the last half mile. From there it was hanging out until we all fell asleep again.

Sunday (63) was grab bag of Father’s Day/Birthday engagements mixed with lawn mowing and work.  I ended up getting a good 6 hours of Work-Work (as opposed to my project, which is personal work) in and I… yargh.  I’m so tired. And cranky. From work not being engaging to me not having the time to work on the things I want to achieve (and don’t give me that “you make time for what’s important”… because I do. There’s just a finite number of hours in the day). Its strange though, because while I’m cranky… I’m far from miserable. I’m actually quite happy with my home-life. I love my partner and love the life we’ve got together. It’s that other thing… That work-life thing I need to get a handle on.  Its not good for my diet, or my mental state.  Hm…  How to improve this?

Diet-wise this weekend was a beautiful train-wreck. I had Starbucks (mocha light frappuccino, first time decaf), bubble-tea, pizza, cheap chinese, Starbucks (same thing, though this time not), homemade quiche (heart), chocolate… (just, chocolate), bbq pulled pork sammiches Starbucks (an iced passion tea lemonade), chocolate chip pumpkin muffin, a cinnamon roll and bagel and pastrami ‘eggel’ (From Solly’s in Vancouver BC) sandwich. Though, not in that order. I would say that the only things that weren’t horrifically off my diet were the pulled pork and the homemade quiche. The rest? Delicious garbage.  I mean the cinnamon roll was great… but damn if I’m pretty certain it was a 1000 calories alone (thankfully we split it).

Workout-wise we actually got a decent walk in on Saturday morning. Taking the train and walking through about 2+ miles of the city between food and the movie theatre. Twas nice… though again I forgot my fitbit at home (yargh). Sunday had some extra walking in it (compared to your average day), but nothing significant. Tonight? I’m headed back to yoga. Its been a week, and I get the feeling my cranky butt could use the endorphins.

Goals for the week

  • Workout 3 times
  • Go for at least two significant walks
  • portion control your food

Days since I’ve eaten…

Ice Cream or other Desert: 0
Deep Fried food: 16
A Carb-focused meal: 0
Too many helpings: 0


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