Day 65: Feeling Less Cranky


One can never be sure exactly how these things happen. Perhaps they happen for some grand divine purpose that we as lesser folk- BAHAHA! Sorry, nope. I don’t believe in fate or destiny. I think those are too easy. I’m a firm believer that we are what we make ourselves to be in the truest sense of the phrase. I am an honest individual who can be crass at times, but is good intentioned and almost always willing to help.

Regardless… I’ve worked at being happier and through one route or another I’m definitely feeling the veil of pessimism lift.  I’m betting the workout on Monday and then the 2-3 mile walk yesterday helped a lot. Workouts are fantastic mood-lifters. Endorphins people! They’re an awesome naturally occurring drug.

Yesterday over all was a pretty good day. The only snag was that I had an entire pint of blueberries after work for a snack. Again. I’d only had 3 shakes so calorically it wasn’t exactly suicide, but still… Not on diet. I’ve realized that while I’ve been saying that I don’t need my fourth shake.  This snack I’ve been having? Would probably be mitigated by the presence of the fourth shake. Replace one with the other and voila! I’m back to four shakes and reduce the chances of my overeating with a snack.

Dinner last night? My gosh… I made a proper sauce this time with the PB2, water, cayenne pepper and a 1/4 tsp of toasted sesame oil? Damn.  It was the least greasy, most flavourful peanut butter you’d tasted in your life. At first it starts out watery, but you add heat to it on a stove and it thickens right up. The wonder of it all is its lack of oil as PB2 is the byproduct of Peanut Oil you purchase in the store. Hence a super proteinful powder with only trace oils/fats. Its wonderful.  We served the sauce over roasted chard and zucchini, all on top of beans and quinoa. Love it. 🙂

Goals for the week

  • Workout 3 times
    • Monday
  • Go for at least two significant walks
    • Tuesday (2-3 miles)
  • portion control your food
    • Monday: Success!
    • Tuesday: I had a second helping… of great food and after the walk, but still.

Days since I’ve eaten…

Ice Cream or other Desert: 2
Deep Fried food: 18
A Carb-focused meal: 2
Too many helpings: 0


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