Goal Summary for Last Week (6/17-6/23)

Goal Summary for Last Week

  • Workout 3 times (Complete)
    • Monday
    • Wednesday
    • Saturday-Sunday (Helped, pack and move for 16 hours, not bad I’d say)
  • Go for at least two significant walks (Complete!)
    • Tuesday (2-3 miles)
    • Wednesday (1-2 miles)
  • portion control your food (3/7: Failure…)
    • Monday: Success!
    • Tuesday: I had a second helping… of great food and after the walk, but still.
    • Wednesday: Damn you quiche! Damn your cold heart of great flavors (though admittedly not as good as when its fresh)!
    • Thursday: Well, 3x Elote, 2x burger patty w/cheese, 2x slices of mini-watermelon… and 2.5 disgusting cookies (checking from batch to batch to see if they were better. Answer? No.) I’d say… Barely, a failure. It was still alot of food no matter how healthy or tasty.
    • Friday: Not bad… Portions were small, so I’ll say this one’s a win.
    • Saturday: Was not that bad actually!
    • Sunday:  Huge Breakfast, Moderate-Large Lunch, Extra Helping of Dinner (even if small…) Fail!

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