Day 71: Small Tech and Smaller Appetites


I’ve deleted the daily post for my fitbit yesterday as I wasn’t wearing my fitbit yesterday. Why? Well it turns out in some weird fit of lunacy I threw the device into one of my lesser used pockets in my messenger bag. As a result, it synced with my phone just fine, but didn’t exactly capture all my wanderings yesterday.  Sigh. Just like a condom, it only works when you wear it. *rim shot!*

In other news, I was bad yesterday. Not super bad… more in that I wasn’t hungry, until I was hungry. I only downed 2 shakes in the period between 7 am and 3:30pm. That’s maybe 400 calories. If I’m lucky. So when I went home to pick up my dog for a follow-up vet appointment, I grabbed a hunk of cheese and my leftover thai from the weekend.  Honestly? Not the end of the world. Since that cheese and the leftovers probably equated to 600-700 calories putting me at roughly 1000-1100.

And then I went to yoga.Which was great!  I’m getting better at certain lat intensive exercises, no where near self-sufficient, but still getting better. After I went home and picked fresh salad and I thoroughly washed each piece (since I don’t like eating pine needles or little white spiders… or their nests) while prepping some homemade pan cooked teriyaki chicken with shirataki noodles!  Keeping in mind my earlier indiscretion I made dinner low cal, probably in the 500 cal range since the noodles were a total of 15 calories! LOVE THEM. There were raspberries as well. And they were good. 🙂

But. If I hadn’t eaten the cheese or the leftovers… My calorie deficit for yesterday would have been FANTASTIC.  You know you were a fat kid when you can rationalize and realize that the ends justify the means. Did I have a low calorie day? Totally. Does that make it okay? The fat kid in me says, “why not?” The Adult who wants a six-pack in me then punches that fat kid in the face and says “No. Are you a slave to cravings or are you stronger than them. Does food dictate your actions?  Or do you?”

The adult me who wants a six-pack is of course right.  See, I equate the decisions you have to make while dieting to the laws and calculations you perform in math & science. You work in absolutes. I do eat this (shakes, salad, veggies, cooked not fried meat). I don’t eat this (fried food, carb-heavy food, processed sugar foods). If you don’t give yourself wiggle room and remove temptation (don’t purchase the items) its amazing how well you can do.

This time for the last time.

Goals for the Week

  • Workout 3 times
    • Monday!
  • Go for at least two significant walks
  • Portion control your food
    • calorically, completely on target portion-wise? Eh…Fail

Days since I’ve eaten…

Ice Cream or other Desert: 7
Deep Fried food: 2
A Carb-focused meal: 1
Too many helpings: 0


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  1. My god Patrick – I just adore your writing style. Can’t get enough of it. The humor, the heart, it’s totally you. 🙂

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