Days 75, 76 & 77: Time & Pride


What. A. Weekend.

We’ve had a bit of a heatwave on the West Coast this weekend and while I’m not one to complain about such things (normally I’m rather cold, so 86 degrees is no big deal for me) its definitely made for more arduous workouts. Friday was no big thing.  Aside from the fact that I was at work for 11 hours.  So I hung out with a friend and we orange chicken along with caprese salad and watched True Blood. Talk about a chill evening? Yes. Twas a wonderful evening.

Saturday was an important day. Not only did we work out in the morning and finish the day with a 3 mile walk? But tons of the “small” things got done.  I thrive when the small things get accomplished. Organizing that drawer that has been needing it, sorting files on the computers to make them more organized, fixing that hole in the shirt… you know, the little things that make you feel like you’ve solved world peace?  They mean absolutely nothing to anyone but you, however they nourish something inside you that makes you feel like it was time well spent.  The day was long and warm, but nice.

Sunday…  Now Sunday was special.

A quick aside (I swear this isn’t a political blog, but probably something that you’ll hear about from me on an annual basis, but also a bit as I post pictures from the comic I’m working though) on Gay Pride:

Gay Pride has an important role to play within the gay community that I fear most gay and straight folks don’t actually know about. Originally, there was march held in solidarity of a previous crackdown on the LGBTQ community which was then shifted from early july to the end of June as an annual celebration of the community. To inform the rest of the world that we exist, we’re your neighbors, children, doctors, etc etc…  All in commemoration of the crackdown of the mafia-run Stonewall Inn located down in Greenwich Village, New York.  A bar largely populated by the Transgendered individuals, transvestites, hustlers and the young of the community. It’s understood it was targeted not because of its mafia-ties but because of the crack-down on gay and alternative “lifestyle” (hate that word) supporting establishments. Well, that was the night we’d had enough. Gathered, cornered and abusively beaten, what would you do? Up to this point we’d been forced to lurk in the shadows of society and life… We were that unspoken secret (and sadly still are in several cases). We are human and demand that we be treated as such.

What followed in the wee hours of the morning of June 28 1969 would go down in history as the Stonewall Riots. An eruption of anger, sadness, frustration and pride. The following year was the first Pride Parade in New York and they’ve spread from one coast to the other. This is why we have an annual celebration.  Its not a chance to suggest that we’re better or deserve any more special consideration than anyone else. We just want folks to know, we exist. We are varied in our likes and interests just like all other social groups. 🙂

Check a rather thorough history on Wikipedia (Stonwall Riots).

My Gay Pride this year was filled with a collection of wonderful people, tons of parade floats, amazing food and… wow. Just a lot of love. 🙂 We had brunch at Terra Plata in Seattle and it was… divine. It’s been a while since I’ve had food that good at a restaurant (I’m increasingly picky in my old age). Another friend of mine and I split two plates so we could get a little bit of variety.  A savory vegetable hash and bread pudding french toast with rhubarb compote.  *dies*  My only real critique was the Moscow Mule I got.  It was so heavy on the ginger I didn’t taste any of the other flavors in it.  Digestive, sure, but I probably won’t order it again. We walked up a storm (and if you saw my fitbit post from last night, you’d agree). We parked underground to keep the car relatively cool (and it worked!) But we walked the length of 4th from Pike down to the Seattle Center, caught up with old friends clapped an cheered several groups through the parade grabbed a beer or two from the beer garden near the fountain at the Seattle Center (where folks were scampering all over the fountain).  Haha, ridiculous. We wound up heading for the car after 4 hours of sun, stopped off at Lunchbox Lab for lunch/dinner. Only got halfway through the meal (yay portions), though I did have a milkshake (there goes the desert count) and split a “tater-tot nacho” platter with my partner and a friend (so a success, if just barely). We dropped off my friend and then went home for a rest and cuddles, finishing our food several hours later.

A good weekend? I think so. 🙂

Goals for last Week

  • Workout 3 4 times
    • Monday!
    • Wednesday!
    • Thursday!
    • Saturday!
  • Go for at least two significant walks
    • Saturday (3+ miles in the evening)
    • Sunday (5+ miles)
  • Portion control your food (4/7) Better!
    • Monday: calorically, completely on target portion-wise? Eh…Fail
    • Tuesday: Well, 1k calories and 2.5 bowls… yup fail. What can I do to combat this better?
    • Wednesday: Success! I had two Salmon patties with beans and grilled veggies. 🙂
    • Thursday: I was a black hole. I had one small bowl of Stir fry  and then the rest of the kale au gratin. FAIL
    • Friday: Shakes + Caprese Salad  and a bowl of baked orange chicken. Win!
    • Saturday: Shake + Sushi Train (4-5 plates 12 pieces or so of sushi, and then beans, Caprese Salad, and asparagus for dinner. Win!
    • Sunday: Ate several small meals… I’m gonna say, a win!

Days since I’ve eaten…

Ice Cream or other Desert: 0 (Lunchbox Lab)
Deep Fried food: 0 (Lunchbox Lab… again)
A Carb-focused meal: 7
Too many helpings: 3


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