Day 78: When It’s too Hot for Yoga


When the temperature outside reaches a piping 92 degrees, the last place I want to be is in a room with 10-20 other people that has two small box fans (one placed at each end) to circulate air.  Why? Not because I don’t think I would get a great workout. I really do think I would have sweat my ass off… But because there’s a level of comfort/discomfort. And I was already quite warm. I love warm weather because I’m usually quite cold. But when its oppressively hot? I’m ready to sit down with a nice, tall glass of water and enjoy reading/writing/lounging until it cools down a bit outside.  In lieu of the workout, my partner and I decided to take a good 2-3 mile walk at about 8:40pm. It was cool enough to even take the dog out with us (poor guy has been mostly trapped in the one room we have AC).  A good walk with residual heat drooling upward off the pavement. 🙂

Hot days are a double-edged sword. Both wonderful in that I feel warm throughout my body (yay 80’s)  and terrible when they hit the point of nausea (boo 90’s).

Diet-wise I struggled, but prevailed last night. I wanted some chocolate really, really badly. But I didn’t have any. I also wanted a second helping of dinner, but instead went and popped a couple of my glucomannan pills instead. All in all? Yesterday was a good day in spite of the sugar craving. The weird thing is, I thought I’d be over these by now…  You know, I don’t have sweet things (save for fruit) most anymore.  I don’t even sweeten my tea with splenda or stevia.  But yesterday? I nearly broke down and made fully processed chocolate chunk cookies.  Cravings are just so strange. Admittedly, I think mine may have had a bit to do with a snarky mood I was in last night. I’ve had an earache in both ears for about 8 days now, and the only thing that stops the pain is a combo of Aleve and Sudafed. I can’t live on these forever. I don’t like taking drugs in the first place… Hence, Tuesday afternoon I’m seeing a doctor who I’m hoping will provide some answers. Gotta take care of the body I got. And when I can’t sleep because of earaches? I’m not doing my job.

Tuesday is going to be a two-meal day by the by.  I’ll get into it tomorrow, but I’ll try my best to be good.

Goals for the Week

  • Workout 3 times
  • Go for at least two significant walks
    • Monday (2-3 Miles in 83 degree weather)
  • Portion control your food (1/4)
    • Monday: Win! One bowl of homemade bean soup filled with veggies and a giant dollop of guacamole ontop

Days since I’ve eaten…

Ice Cream or other Desert: 1
Deep Fried food: 1
A Carb-focused meal: 8
Too many helpings: 4


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