Day 79: Pain in the Ears

So I finally went to the Doctor yesterday to address the ear aches I’ve had in both my ears for the past week-plus.  To summarize the Doctor’s diagnosis:

*shoulder shrug*

Essentially, there’s no fluid build up or suction/vacuum pressures. My throat looks great and there’s no sign of infection anywhere. So what’s a doctor to do? Apparently through paint at the canvas and see what sticks. He put my on an antibiotic and oral steroid in addition to my continued taking of Aleve and sudafed.  Honestly though… with everything going through my system, I dropped the sudafed as its been the thing keeping me awake most at night. If not the ears, then the medication. Yay?

To be clear, I don’t like taking pills. I mean really, really don’t like taking drugs if I can help it. Save for a 24 bug here or there, or me being cranky for a week. I haven’t had the flu or cold, nor a measly sinus infection in 2-3 years. So you know what? I know I’m probably “due” (or whatever karmatic logic you prefer), but I prefer to think that by eating well and taking care of my body (namely not drinking way to much, putting crappy foods, etc) has been a priority of mine for a while now. Weightloss… more so recently. 😉 But that’s kind of the trick isn’t it? In the US you can eat so much “good food” that you can still be overweight but effectively healthy as a horse. I’d say my personal experience is a good argument for that.

So the point of all this is that last night I busted my diet big-time.  I was annoyed by several things, but mostly the drugs and the fact that I have to “eat” when I take them. And add a probiotic on top the probiotics in my shakes.  So I was grumpy. I’ve wanted chocolate chip cookies for a while (see post about attempt at healthy ones) and thus I broke down and accidentally made organic (mostly, as the baking soda, vanilla extract, salt and chocolate weren’t) chocolate chunk cookies. Using chopped chocolate from a giant bar I had for baking (it was milk-chocolate) and then using 3/4 the butter… I added some PB2 and some Flax Meal to them, using an unbleached Whole Grain Wheat Pastry yadda-yadda from Bob’s Red Mill as the flour. Anyways, that combined with inspiration from a recipe off of, I found my way into diabetic hell last night. They turned out GREAT.  I had to literally (and I mean it) push my boyfriend out of the kitchen and onto the couch in the living room, lest he consume the entire bowl of cookie dough.  He fought back, but I won. 🙂

The result is that we both ended up having more cookies than either of us should have. As a result will be going to Yoga, not only on Wednesday night, but Thursday morning (4th of July!) and Saturday morning as well. Yargh.  It was the perfect

Diet-wise, yesterday was a total failure. Lunch with an old grad-school friend resulted in me eating carrot sticks and a half a chicken pannini. But that with cookies and shakes and the bean dinner… It’s got to be okay as a one-off. Life is life after all, and you take life as it happens in stride. If cookies are how I respond to a unique stressful/annoying scenario, then I guess I’ll just suffer it and work to amend the caloric heist, best I can.

Goals for the Week

  • Workout 3 times
  • Go for at least two significant walks
    • Monday (2-3 Miles in 83 degree weather)
  • Portion control your food (1/4)
    • Monday: Win! One bowl of homemade bean soup filled with veggies and a giant dollop of guacamole on top
    • Tuesday: Half a Pannini for lunch with 2 shakes and the beans for dinner… then probably 4 cookies. Fail.

Days since I’ve eaten…

Ice Cream or other Desert: 0
Deep Fried food: 2
A Carb-focused meal: 0
Too many helpings: 0


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