Day 88: Fighting Technology


Quick announcement: I’ve added two new pages to my blog!

The Calculations – A page in which I describe how I’ve worked out the number of calories needed to lose weight.

The Tools – A page where I go into a bit more detail on the items I use to help me measure my success.

In many circles I would be considered a nerd. Even though I have many interests outside of technology user interface design, graphic design and even the scifi themed shows and cartoons that litter my blu-ray rack-  Okay, shush. In the circle of nerds however, I’m not considered amongst the elite. The few. The Proud. The “early adopters.”

The FitBit or similar “connected fitness tracking device”, for example has existed in some form since around 2005. I didn’t buy one till this year for a bevy of reasons, most of which include I wasn’t making a concentrated effort to lose weight (that and I couldn’t really afford it for “x” other reasons). The reason I’d like to focus on however is technology maturity.

Often I’m not an early adopter because the technology doesn’t do what I know its capable of doing. For example, I’m a fan of Apple products. So much so in fact that I followed the iPhone from the moment it was rumored. However, I didn’t purchase one until the third generation. Why? Because if I had a device that I could use to write emails/documents and the like… I’m pretty sure I should be able to copy and paste with the little bastard. Not only that, but sending pictures via texting? Yeah, I’m picky… It’s the little things I require before spending hundreds of dollars. The latest generation of the FitBit (I’m including the Zip, One and Flex in this) are the first to be able to wirelessly sync over bluetooth. Why was this so hard? For me that’s a rhetorical question as any proper nerd could tell you about energy requirements and technological advances which allow for more efficient uses of the limited and incredibly small radio chips and batteries that are in these devices compared to even 3 years ago.  Then factor in the cost. And tada! It was possible ten years ago. Just very, very expensive.

In a quick review of the FitBit One, I’d give it a 4.5/5 rating.  Its almost there.  I love almost everything about it. It syncs over bluetooth 4 without me having to tell it (that is, unless I’m in the app on my phone and tell it to purposefully sync). And still, it gets a 7-10 day charge out of the battery. It takes my height and weight (which is dynamically updated via the wireless scale we have in the house (see “The Tools“)) into consideration while calculating the steps and calories burned. I love it in every way but one, the charging cable.

Over the past few years, micro-usb (if you have an android, blackberry or windows phone… its the cable you use) has become the go-to standard for data transmission and charging in pocket sized electronics.  Instead of utilizing this standard, they developed a proprietary connector that is about 4 inches long and just so easy to lose. The real rub? They want $10 for a replacement plus shipping and god help you if you want it faster than 5 days. And when are you likely to realize you lost your cable? That’s right, at the end of a charge cycle. Argh (right?). Ah well, ignoring the past two day’s fit bit reports, I’m finally back in the saddle with a well charged FitBit and my data accumulation can continue as normal.

Yesterday I ended up going for a 3 mile walk with my partner and dog, killing (figuratively) my dog in the process. For dinner I had my one bowl of chicken sausages and caramelized red onion, corn salad.  The salad sounds weird, but gosh I can tell you that it was DELICIOUS. I polished it off with a beer and some watermelon.  Portion-wise life was good. I even suffered my boyfriend eating Samoa Girl Scout Cookie flavored ice cream next to me.  Not a bite. 🙂  One bowl for the win!

On a side note, I’m noticing a decent amount of traffic from marijuana-related searches. Haha, “one bowl”. Ain’t no pot here folks!

Culture is funny. Have a good weekend!

Goals for the Week

  • Workout 3 times
    • Monday!
    • Wednesday!
  • Go for at least two significant walks
    • Thursday: 3 miles!
  • Portion control your food (4/4)
    • Monday: Win! One bowl and glucomannan for the win.
    • Tuesday: Win! Half a steak, small ear of corn and a decent, but not large helping of homemade potato salad
    • Wednesday: Win! Multigrain ships with a baked chard/greens salad with leftover meat, beans and cheese from last weekend’s nachos.
    • Thursday: Win! Three sausages and a corn salad with some watermelon. 🙂 

Days since I’ve eaten…

  • Ice Cream or other Desert: 5
  • Deep Fried food: 7
  • A Carb-focused meal: 4
  • Too many helpings: 4

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