Days 89, 90 & 91: Of a Cookie Monster & Such Great Heights


You know that a weekend was perfect when you’re driving into work and you find yourself wondering how long it had been since you were last in the office.  Even though it was only 3 days prior.

Friday was the base of this monumental weekend. I got off work a little early (thanks to a 40 hour limit and a few 9-10 hour days earlier in the week) and I grabbed my partner from his bus stop. From there we headed into Bellevue where we grabbed some amazing sushi (yeah, we’ve been eating it a lot, I know… but at least portion-wise I did well) at one of my forgotten loves, Sushi Maru.  After that we grabbed a viewing of Pacific Rim which was stupid-fun with amazing visual effects. Haha, good times. the problem came after the movie in the form of Smitten Kitchen’s chocolate chip cookies.  I may… have made a double batch. And had my partner brown the butter first.  But wait, it gets better.

On Saturday morning we wake up, I have a small breakfast of eggs before heading to a 75 minute (or as we joked “metric” hour as the classes are only supposed to be 60 minutes in length) of yoga.  And it was a doozie.  From there we showered then went grabbed some pizza and a few beers at a local pub with a friend. Afterward, there was laundry and tv watching, laptop screen replacement and then a rather healthy dinner of baked salad and tomato soup. And finally a two mile walk to round out the evening. Oh, did I forget to mention cookies fell like mana from the heavens into our mouths… throughout the day. Because the totally did.

Sunday was a day that was just begging for outdoor activity.  We woke up and did the morning routine. I took care of the dog, my partner mowed the lawn really quick. I cleaned up some random things while he made breakfast eggs, greens, and cut up sausage from the night before (yum).  And from there we packed a small backpack and were off! We went up to Lake Twenty-two (22) Trail and cut a rug.

Lake Twenty-two Trail

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It was busier than I thought, especially by people who frankly, I was a bit surprised to see hiking such a steep grade trail.  But we passed about 10 car loads of people on the way up and another 12 on the way down (I’m 6’5″ and my partner’s 6’1″-6’2″… yay long legs!).  According to my fitbit (which you may have seen) I climbed the equivalent of 160 flights of stairs… and then went back down again. Haha, ridiculous. I honestly feel they may have underestimated the milage because somehow 5.5 miles on their track ended up being 9+ on my pedometer. Even with the +/- 20% that’s still more than 5.5 miles. Le sigh. The point though is that it was a GREAT workout and a gorgeous trail and destination.  Lunch was couple crackers and some sliced sharp cheddar with some non-cured salami we found at Safeway (less chemicals and no added nitrates) combined with a cookie and a buttload of water). After we got back to the car with its blessed air conditioning, we made our way back home and had a rather chill afternoon.  It may have included doughnuts, cookies, homemade black bean burgers for dinner (no bun or cheese 🙂 ) a nap and then a campfire at a friends place. But darn if it wasn’t- Oh look a cookie! *om nom nom nom nom*

The moral of this weekend’s story is that cookies are not going to be made until cookie season (Thanksgiving/Christmas). Why? Because I make them well and they are delicious. So, to prevent myself from eating them? They must not exist in the first place. Thank god I burned as many calories this weekend as I did, but still…  that’s more sugar than I want to consume in a 48 hour period ever again.

Now here’s the question. The portions in my meals were on target, but the cookie-mana was way off diet. Does my portion count reset?  Since its unique to the meals, I’m going to say no. Remove that cookie-mana-layer from this weekend and I did phenomenal everywhere but the calzone.

Summary of Goals for Last Week

  • Workout 3 times: Win!
    • Monday!
    • Wednesday!
    • Saturday!
  • Go for at least two three significant walks: Win!
    • Thursday: 3 miles!
    • Saturday: 2 miles!
    • Sunday: 8-9 miles!
  • Portion control your food (6/7) Win!
    • Monday: Win! One bowl and glucomannan for the win.
    • Tuesday: Win! Half a steak, small ear of corn and a decent, but not large helping of homemade potato salad
    • Wednesday: Win! Multigrain ships with a baked chard/greens salad with leftover meat, beans and cheese from last weekend’s nachos.
    • Thursday: Win! Three sausages and a corn salad with some watermelon. :)
    • Friday: Win! Sushi (within reason)
    • Saturday: Fail… Breakfast and Dinner were good, but The Calzone Lunch was a fat old fail.
    • Sunday: Win! Eggs for breakfast, crackers meat and cheese for lunch, and two homemade black bean burgers with mustard and some sweet potato fries. 🙂

Days since I’ve eaten…

  • Ice Cream or other Desert: 0 (damn you cookies)
  • Deep Fried food: 10
  • A Carb-focused meal: 1 (The calzone on Saturday)
  • Too many helpings: 0 (Portions were right, but double-damn those devilish cookies)

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