Day 92: Of Biscuits & Bricks


Something was off with me yesterday.  I don’t know what exactly, but halfway through the work day I started to feel off. A bit light headed.  Thinking it was food, I quickly downed my next shake and while that helped a little, it didn’t quite make it go away.  So I went grocery shopping, picked up my partner from the bus stop and then we headed home (well, and then to a different store for ground sausage, but I’ll get into that later).

I was feeling off enough that at around (right around the time the MAC-truck with a ton a bricks strapped to the front smacked into me) 8pm I crawled into bed and surprisingly fell asleep.  Since I normally have trouble falling asleep at 10pm let alone two hours earlier, I know something was up.  Perhaps I just pushed myself a little harder than I should’ve this weekend?  I just don’t know.  As long as it doesn’t happen again tonight, I’ll be good.

Dinner last night was the equivalent of someone getting a diet coke at McDonald’s because they were “watching their weight.”  I saw a FB post by a friend for biscuits. The recipe looked horrifying, with Bisquick and 7-up for starters… bleh. But the idea was enough to set me on a Biscuit path. So I looked up my favorite Two-Ingredient Biscuit Recipe (which I change by using whole wheat, unbleached flour and organic heavy whipping cream).  And damn they are so easy and so, so tasty. One of the few baked goods you can adjust and “eye” instead of having to worry about exact measurements.

On top of the biscuits we had ground sausage, which resulted in sausage gravy (since deglazing is easy-peasy) and grilled Zucchini with half an onion.  Darn if that dinner wasn’t just simply satisfying.

Unfortunately I had literally, one biscuit more than I should have. So I’m putting myself down as a failure for last night portion-wise.

Tonight I’m going for a walk regardless of light headedness.

Goals for the Week

  • Workout 3 times: 
  • Go for at least two significant walks: 
  • Portion control your food (0/1)
    • Monday: Fail. First Off I made biscuits… and had 3. One too many for the portion sizing I’m aiming at…

Days since I’ve eaten…

  • Ice Cream or other Desert: 1
  • Deep Fried food: 11
  • A Carb-focused meal: 0 (biscuits are carbs :-/ )
  • Too many helpings: 0 (damn)

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