Days 96, 97 & 98: When Standing is Exhausting


There is something so incredible satisfying about finishing or at least making a great effort on home improvement.

This past weekend, the boyfriend and I took it upon ourselves to rid the world of offensive decoupage.  At least, the offensive decoupage that covered the walls of our living room.  Thursday and friday nights were largely the prep work.  You know, shoving all the furniture to the center of the room, unplugging everything from the walls.  We didn’t actually start masking off the world until Saturday morning, which turned out to work out okay for us. We lined the floors with plastic and taped a barrier on the molding, over the windows and over the outlets (like you do) and then began by priming up a storm.

Good bye offensive decoupage!

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The difference between a primed wall and the decoupage of doom.

Three coats later we called it a day. All in all it went rather fast! I have one single, solitary recommendation for all y’all. Invest in 18″ paint roller gear. You will be so glad you did.  Being twice the width of the standard, means that the painting on the big flat walls goes on faster, not only that, but because the support structure of holder applies tension on both sides of the paint roller meaning you get more even coverage. LOVE it. But wait, the best is yet to come. Saturday evening we actually picked out the colors we wanted for the following day. We sat down and using and Sherwin Williams tool (they had a 40% sale and decent reviews), picked out the colors for the living room. We  are decisive, suck it. 🙂

Sunday as a result was spent taping off the ceiling and the trim (since we wanted it to be a different color that the evil beige that covered the walls) and picking up waaaay too much paint.  But more on that later. We thus spent the rest of the day applying two coats of very light grey to the majority of the room and a nice muted, but warm blue to the accent wall. The trim became a glossy white (pretty standard since we don’t know if there’s even a wood grain under it to strip to…we think its a composite) and by the end of the day I was covered in paint. Ridiculous.

After all this painting? Where does this leave me? Well, exhausted.  Haha, you never really seem to think about how little most people stand on their feet, let alone without any socks or shoes on.  Let me tell ya, my dogs are barkin’. But its not just the feet, I wish my fitbit wasn’t hiding somewhere in my bedroom (or office?) right now.  I want to know how much I moved this weekend.  Trim, walls, fireplace mantle- Oh that’s another thing!

The beige that’s on the brick, used to cover the entire room, calls, trim (both base and crown molding) and ugh!  The brick? This is my next personal project. I’m stripping the paint off the brick and hearth and declaring beige DEAD in this household.

Anyways. As a result of setup, painting, painting, painting and cleanup. I’m a zombie this morning- thoroughly and ridiculously exhausted. Food-wise I feel I did a pretty good job this weekend on portions. Saturday evening we went to Pizza. I had about 5-6 slices. Which considering the day I’d had? Not saying I didn’t burn the calories, but again… my focus is on portion control.  So I failed there. Though strangely- On sunday after we wrapped up the painting and went to nab our dog from my old neighbors, we went and grabbed some fish’n chips from my favorite place on the Eastside, Spud’s. I got the triple order cod basket and after two fillets and maybe 7 fries I hit a wall, realized I was full and blam. Stopped. SUCCESS. Granted it was fried food, but I portion controlled the hell out of myself.

While I’m not sure how to measure the workout I got this weekend, I know I did well regardless of the food that was eaten.

Summary of Goals for Last Week

  • Workout 3 times: Win
    • Wednesday!
    • Thursday!
    • Friday! Prep-work
    • Saturday! 10 hours of setup and painting
    • Sunday! 10 hours of painting and cleanup
  • Go for at least two significant walks: Fail

    • NONE. It was a difficult week. I’ll just have to make up for it in Hawaii I guess.
  • Portion control your food (3/7) Fail If just by the skin of my teeth.
    • Monday: Fail. First Off I made biscuits… and had 3. One too many for the portion sizing I’m aiming at…
    • Tuesday: Fail. Lots of thai food. Props to me for not eating when I was hungry later in the evening though.
    • Wednesday: Win! Broccoli, spinach and carrots with grilled salmon fillet and peanut sauce (made from PB2). All in One bowl.
    • Thursday: Mixed Bag. I skipped my last shake and had two peaches and handful of raisins (sultanas) and then 14 zucchini pizza bites and a burger patty for dinner. So…  A Fail on the technicality of not accomplishing my 4-shake goal.
    • Friday: Win! Single bowl of Pasta
    • Saturday: Fail. Decent on my eggy Breakfast, but lunch I ate an entire plate of chicken carnitas with all the beans (no rice) and then at dinner I had 5-6 slices of pizza. I burned it, but again. Portion control.
    • Sunday: Win! Eggy breakfast, 4 thin slices of pizza and total portion control on dinner.

Days since I’ve eaten…

  • Ice Cream or other Desert: 7
  • Deep Fried food: 0
  • A Carb-focused meal: 0
  • Too many helpings: 1

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