Day 102: Vacation Recovery


If there’s one thing you can say about Oahu is that they LOVE their sugary drinks. Oy.  I’m pretty much on detox for the next week to flush out all the sugary and carby food from my diet.  I mean, all things considered, I made sure I had as many leafy greens and as little carbs (that weren’t sugary alcoholic beverages) in my diet as possible. But even then…  Yikes.  So I’m going lean for the next week to get rid of all the carby vacation that is still lingering in my body.


The entirety of the vacation can be summarized in my last two posts on Hawaii.  It was good, if not exhausting.  A blister the size of a 50 cent piece kinda put a halt on the hiking I was wanting to do, but ah well.  At least the people and plants were pretty.

From a diet perspective I had a chance to do a fair bit of reading after talking with my partner before the vacation and it seems like there’s two schools of thought when it comes to Increasing muscle density…

1) Cut – The idea is that you throw yourself into a caloric deficit until you hit the body-fat percentage you want.  Its like bodybuilders who basically take on a lean diet to make their muscles “pop”.  Going from not seeing abs, to seeing abs.

2) Gain – You increase your intake by a certain amount, with focus on greens and complex muscle building proteins.  The idea is to gain muscle weight, fat is is a byproduct (normally because even if you burn 4k calories a day, some of the additional nutrients required for muscle building will be stored as fat.  Its the way your body works.

Effectively, do you want to build muscle or do you want to burn fat?  Yes you do both in either category (at least when you’re as big as I am), but its like 95% of one and 5% of the other.  I can gain muscle and slow to a snails pace weight-loss wise. Or I can strictly enforce my caloric intake and drop weight like its going out of style.  I mean… for the better part I can attribute my “weight struggles” with my diet hovering somewhere closer to the gain side of things. I’ve seen progress, but…  Yeah.  Either way I’ll see fairly rapid change.  One way Muscle Growth (which is the eventual goal), but the other a stronger foundation on a skinnier frame (which… would be healthier long term I think).

Food for thought.  The sooner I hit my 220lb weight goal, the sooner I can add more veggies and protein back into my diet (namely… eat more).  The skinnier I get, the easier it is to work out and the easier it is to workout, the more I can workout.  But how to fight overeating at night!?  Oy.  Its the rub.  I can start taking my glucomannan religiously I s’pose.  I just don’t like pills.

Back to the grindstone. Last night I made a Lamb with Herbs de’ Provence and roasted garlic on top. Served with a side of Annie’s Mac n’ Cheese and a pan of fried celery, small potatoes, spinach and onions…  It was AMAZING. Haha, I love lamb and could eat it most days of a week without getting sick of it. Portions were destroyed by large portions at dinner, my amazing boyfriend and these awesome peanut butter bars he made me. 🙂  Absolutely worth it (for this and many other reasons, I feel super-duper loved).

Footer will return on Tuesday (8/6) since vacation basically reset all the numbers and I’d rather not track a partial week since I’m only gonna nab a single workout and a walk or two before the next week.


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