Days 103, 104 & 105: Of Anniversaries


Today (Monday) marks the one year anniversary of my boyfriend and I meeting for the first time (as well as going on our first date).

Since Mondays are a little more difficult to finagle and our weekend was rather empty we took it upon ourselves to celebrate in style, rest and leisure.  We took to Seattle and walked several miles throughout the city, catching a movie and then finish with a wonderful dinner down at Purple.  They have the most amazing take on Poutine there! On Sunday we (well, I) slept in. We took the day to just kind cuddle and watch movies, catch up on small projects and then for our first anniversary headed to Celtic Bayou in Redmond, the location of our first date. With a beer and some “Irish Fries” (basically cheese filled tater tots) we spent a mellow afternoon together (at the same table as a year ago) and then headed to the evening’s main event, Pink Martini.

Happy Anniversary Hot Stuff. 🙂

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I love you Joel. I look forward to celebrating so many more of these with you. 🙂

I’m not even sure how I should approach this weekend from a diet perspective.   I mean, truth be told, save for the meal we had at Purple on Saturday night, the weekend was on track. I didn’t eat too much at any of the other meals from dinner Friday to either of the breakfasts (crepes at 611 Supreme are amazing by the way).  So I’d label this weekend as a success!

Now to speak on working out…Walking all day Saturday was nothing to sneeze at, but no yoga meant that any physical endurance was purely happenstance. But this brings me to a revelation I had while talking with my partner about the diet. At this point I don’t think I can eat any less. I mean, I know my caloric intake at night hovers anywhere between 500 and 1600 calories on top of the shakes- But I can tell on those lower calorie nights, my blood sugar tanks.  I feel miserable.

I usually recover and have had a shake the following day before I get to writing this blog, so I think that’s why I’ve never spent a great amount of time talking about it. In looking back on my blog I can easily say that my progress since the beginning of June has been atrocious. My thought thus is that perhaps instead of being only concerned with my caloric intake at night I should step up my exercise regimen. I should take 30 minutes each day and hit the training bicycle upstairs, get my heart rate up and burn some extra calories. Widen that deficit!

I’d thought about taking the extra half hour class offered in addition to the 1 hour classes I already attend, but honestly? I like my work-life balance a little bit too much to get home at 8pm.  I’m at work by 7:30 am, getting home at 8pm is just… how do I put this?  Its doable, but not preferable. I’ve worked enough at different places to know that if I don’t have my down time… my time to work on my personal projects, I’m going to be a one cranky monster. Bicycling for a half hour at the very least will allow me to listen to some of the news/podcasts/audiobooks I’ve been wanting to catch up on. And I’ve been meaning to add more cardio to my life, so this seems perfect right? Right. 🙂

Now to implement.

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