Days 106 & 107: When They Get More Out of You


My initial attempt at this blog faltered while I was working at T-Mobile earlier this year- What?! (You say) You were working at T-Mobile? Yes! Yes I was.  I was doing the whole contract to hire as a Manager in their UX design department for device applications (as if that wasn’t strange enough… have you ever had a manager that wasn’t FTE? Big wonder how I didn’t survive their culling earlier this year huh?)

Anywho, in the weeks leading up to my inevitable lay-off I ended pulling some serious hours on a last ditch effort to create something worthwhile for the team.  Namely a massive portfolio (book) detailing all the important projects and the impact that they had on T-Mobile’s continued (new?) success.  Effectively a statement of “we’re worthwhile, don’t cut us too bad”.  In the end my team of 26 was left with a scant 6 people after all was said and done.

I bring this up because as I was working on the book I ended up having a few 12 hours days and well, while I’m not close to that now?  I’m still pulling some decent hours.  See, in my current position we’re implementing a service (or software solution) and thus have to negotiate and understand the capabilities of the company offering that service.  As a result? I’ve effectively been in a meeting since Monday afternoon at 1pm. The best part is that it (theoretically) doesn’t get done till Thursday at 1pm.  Hence, yesterday I did not have the time to sit down and work on a blog post.  This morning I’m scrambling a bit to get something up here so that I can talk about my Monday/Tuesday.  And wow, when you prioritize, things happen.  Who’da thunk?

Monday was a pretty even-keeled day.  My official anniversary with my favorite person in the world the evening we spent together was actually rather nice.  While he made chicken pot pie from scratch, I picked blackberries, did laundry and kept a puppy amused.  🙂 Before all this of course we hit the Yoga studio and it was rough, but good. A great way to break back into the habit of workouts. For dinner Joel made two smaller pot pies for us each (<3) and one bigger one, which we’ll more than likely make a dent in tonight (Wednesday).  No Dessert though (even though my stomach complained) and Joel helped.  It was a good night.

Tuesday continued the tradition of doing myself good. Joel recently purchased a trainer for his bike that connects to the Wahoo app on your iPhone and even a heart-rate monitor (which sadly we couldn’t find) to more accurately calculate calories burned.  So I plugged in an audiobook and gave it a whirr for about 30+ minutes while Joel baked ‘Zaw pizzas we’d picked up on the way home (organic tasty version of Papa Murphy’s).  Like I said, if I’m having issues keeping my calories down, it just means I need to widen the deficit the other way. I’m still going to try to keep my intake to a minimum, but darn if I’m not going to battle it by adding cardio and workouts where I can.

That battle of the bulge. I’m winning so far, but I’ve got to keep a strong front.

Goals for this Week

  • Workout 3 times:
    • Monday!
  • Do at least 3 significant cardio activities:
    • Tuesday! Bicycle for 30 minutes/7+ miles
  • Portion control your food (0/2)
    • Monday: Fail. Two tasty, tasty chicken pot pies.
    • Tuesday: Fail. 4 pieces of pizza and a Magic Bar from Whole Foods…  But I could have eaten more.  Vacation ruined me.

Days since I’ve eaten…

  • Ice Cream or other Desert: 0
  • Deep Fried food: 2
  • A Carb-focused meal: 0
  • Too many helpings: 0



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