Days 110, 111 & 112: Of Painting and Tomatoes

What a weekend.

Sometimes you have a weekend where you both feel like you’ve just been lazing around and yet accomplished all at the same time.  Friday started off early, with my getting off work around 1pm on Friday. Joel and I had recently picked up a brisket and he was in the final stages of making corned beef at home. This meant that it was my duty, nay- PLEASURE to head to  the store, grab a dark rye, sauerkraut and swiss cheese so as to make some of the most mouthwatering rubens I have ever tasted.  We each had 2 sandwiches… and that was the last thing we ate on Friday. 🙂

This weekend’s activities primarily took shape in the form of painting. This time the stairwell and the landing at the top of stairs were my victims. All in all, it went pretty smoothly.

PIcture this- A house built in the Late 60’s early 70’s.  Back in the days when the staircase was in the center of the house… for some reason.  This means that when you walk into the door to your immediate right is a closet and a little bit further along the same side an entrance to the dining room. But to your left is everything else.  Take a hard left from the entry way and you find the kitchen.  To the right of the kitchen is the living room, but separating them? The stairs. The stairs divide the house both on the first and second stories. As you go up the stairs you’ll notice a sudden vertical rise in the ceiling about half way up.  At the top landing of the stairs is a bathroom to your left, a bedroom straight ahead and to the right a small in length, yet decently wide hallway with a built in shelf that runs the full length  leading you to the door of another bedroom.

Now, to access the awkward ceiling above the staircase I made a scaffolding out of an old piece of bowling alley floor I had laying around (doesn’t everyone have that?) and an 8-foot ladder I borrowed.  Set the board on the top step and balance it on a ladder’s step, done. By midday Sunday we had a “palm” green east facing wall in our staircase with warm white (NOT BEIGE) walls covering the rest of the walls on the landing… Mostly. Haha, the shelves, a sloped ceiling and two smaller walls are all that’s left to paint the hallway upstairs… But that requires moving 500lbs of books and I just didn’t have that in my this weekend.  By the end of August though… We’ll get there.

Admittedly we were both running out of steam by half way through the day on Sunday and thus the trim will just have to wait (till hopefully some night this week).

That wasn’t the only activity this weekend though.  For myself at least there was the annual jaunt to Safeco field and seeing a Mariner’s game with some good friends of mine.  The family I grew up next door to has been die-hard Mariner’s fans since as long as I can remember and this Saturday was a big deal. Why? Well ,they inducted Ken Griffey Jr into the Mariner’s Hall of Fame of course.  A sold out stadium and an enthusiastic crowd was icing on the cake of getting to hang out and chat with good company.  Granted the Mariner’s lost 10-0, but if you ever went to a baseball game just to see your team win, well…  yeah I’m not going to go there.

Food-wise this weekend was all over the map. From the rubens on Friday, to a squash, potato, egg scramble on Saturday. We saw Chicken Carnitas, a foot long hot dog, Pumpkin Waffles, bacon, sausage (different days) and a fruit salad…  But the piece de resistance, was the Fried Green Tomatoes. Man oh man… We’ve got 7 tomato plants this year and they are growing like weeds.  So fast and so hard that some of the stalks broke and I was able to harvest some green beauties.  Joel had never had FGT before… so there was no way I couldn’t make him some.  We had corn bread and black beans along with and it was GOOOOD.  I like my tomatoes thick cut. You get the crunch and then the texture of the meat of the tomato.  Just, delicious.

And the best part? Joel liked ’em too. I get to make ’em again.  I’m thinking green tomato/broccoli fritters later this week (we still have a decent number of tomatoes leftover…

Green tomatoes gonna be fried! #friedgreentomatoes #fgt #cooking

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I love me some tomatoes.

Exercise-wise I didn’t make it out this weekend.  But considering the lifting, carrying, the walking, the painting… I’m gonna give myself a pass.  Painting is a pain in the butt.  Plus there was the walking and the stairs (so many stairs) of Safeco Field in Seattle.  The one thing I didn’t do… AGAIN. Was take my glucomannan.  I’m just not sure how to get myself in the mode of taking a pill at regular intervals. Set an alarm I guess. Or maybe keep them in the car (since I drive home from Yoga).  This is going to be a work in progress.

Summary of Goals for last Week

  • Workout 3 times: SUCCESS!
    • Monday!
    • Wednesday!
    • Thursday!
  • Do at least 3 significant cardio activities: FAIL
    • Tuesday! Bicycle for 30 minutes/7+ miles
  • Portion control your food (2/7) FAIL (Glucomannan… save me)
    • Monday: Fail. Two tasty, tasty chicken pot pies.
    • Tuesday: Fail. 4 pieces of pizza and a Magic Bar from Whole Foods…  But I could have eaten more.  Vacation ruined me.
    • Wednesday: Win! Lamb and veggies… even with the small piece of pie.  It was all within the one bowl thanks to my boyfriend.
    • Thursday: Fail. Just barely 3/4 bowl of leftover pot pie and 3x pieces of leftover pizza. Glucomannan here I come
    • Friday: Fail on technicality. I had two shakes and two sandwiches…  Doesn’t really spell overeating, but portions-wise I failed.
    • Saturday: Win! Mexican Lunch was very close… but I think I squeezed in under the radar. Also? I had a footlong hotdog (minus most of the bun) and a peach for dinner. Win.
    • Sunday: Fail.  Just…  Tasty, tasty fail.

Days since I’ve eaten…

  • Ice Cream or other Desert: 4
  • Deep Fried food: 0
  • A Carb-focused meal: 0
  • Too many helpings: 2

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