Day 115: A Good Day

As I’d mentioned a bit ago, sleep is important. Tuesday night I actually did quite well.  Partially due to my taking benadryl to knock me out for the length of the night without a single instance of waking up, but also due to the fact that I went to sleep on time. 🙂

This is going to sound crazy (and in some ways it still does to even myself) but I love having a bed time. Haha, I seriously do.  I aim each and every night to make it into bed around 10pm.  Last night was even stranger.  I got up and prepped myself to sleep and then was curled into bed around 9:45pm. Wednesday had exhausted me.

Summarily Wednesday included 4 shakes, one for each meeting on various floors throughout the day where on some level (oh yes, the punz), I was integral in each of the meetings. So I walked (always take the stairs if I can help it) and carried and argued and… well, won.  From there, I got out of work (yay 10 hour days) and made my way to the house then Yoga.  Yoga was evil.  Of course in a rather great way, but still it kicked my ass.  Afterward we ended up having open faced rubens (one less slice of bread- Fight the carb!) with soup and cherry tomatoes for dinner. It was good. Not great. Partly because I rushed the rubens in the convection oven, but still quite good. We invited a friend over from Yoga to enjoy some Ruben with us and as a result of all the foods being eaten, there was no temptation for overeating.

Yesterday was a good day.

After making it into bed by 9:45 last night, I was sound asleep until I woke up (hitting my head on the bookshelf next to my side of the bed, haha) to turn off Joel’s alarms.  I grumbled, but quickly fell back to sleep until I woke up just prior to my own Thursday alarm.  The beauty of Thursdays you see, is that I get to sleep in a bit. Joel works from home and thus I get to enjoy an additional hour of sleep should I need it. And today? I took it and ate it and made it mine. 🙂

Goals for the Week

  • Workout 3 times:
    • Monday!
    • Wednesday!
  • Do at least 3 significant cardio activities:
    • Tuesday: Bicycle for 30 minutes
  • Portion control your food (0/2)
    • Monday: Fail.  It was a big plate for dinner. Four pieces of Burschetta + the Black Bean Burger Patty and whatever I nibbled on while building it.
    • Tuesday: Super Fail. Sushi… Chocolate Croissant and 1/3 a pint of half baked Ben & Jerry’s.
    • Wednesday: Win! Open face Ruben with soup and cherry tomatoes.

Days since I’ve eaten…

  • Ice Cream or other Dessert: 1
  • Deep Fried food: 3
  • A Carb-focused meal: 1
  • Too many helpings: 1

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