Days 117, 118 & 119: A Good Weekend

This weekend I played host to some amazing folks.  My best friend from Grad School and her husband came down from their adopted country of Canada (via Australia) and it was a strange and wonderful experience.

Friday started out simple enough, Joel and I grabbed dinner with some other friends and had time for an interesting train themed board game before heading down to the train station and grabbing the Canucks via their arrival.  We had dinner at Revel in Seattle.  It was delicious, but a tad overpriced… Especially the lamb which frankly. I make better. At least the company was top-notch.

Saturday Morning we treated our friends to a session at Knotty Yoga,  4 gallons of sweat later, we came home, made waffles and set about our day of wandering around downtown Seattle. We walked all over, from Pike Place down to the waterfront, where a stalled train resulted in our walking through Hempfest.  Honestly? I’ve never seen a collection of more arrogant, stoned and unattractive people in my life. Anywho…  We ended up grabbing a quick drink at a Tully’s before running over to the Seattle Center and poking around there a bit.  We saw a few more sites (including Theo’s Chocolate Factory…. but more on that in a bit) before eventually ending up back at Toulouse Petit.

“But Patrick haven’t you been there before?” Asks the Internet.

“Why yes I have Internet,” I reply.

The Internet presses, “But why do you keep going back?”

“Why do you think?”

“Because its tasty…?” The Internet ventures.

Because it is DAMN tasty.” I bellow with a cheshire grin.

Wild Mushroom and Spring Pea Risotto is just amazing.  We finished off the evening back at the house and watched an esoteric film called Holy Motors.  Which… While the Critics are completely enamored with it… It left me flat.  The point is that its a metaphor for how actors get chewed up and spit out by the industry that relies on them.  Kylie Minogue sang quite well, but in the end I don’t think I’ll make a purchase of this one. Being an actor is hard, but then and quite often so is life.  If you don’t want to be an actor, don’t be an actor. Complaining about the industry is something that everyone in every profession does, even the wealthy. I know there’s more to it than that, but I really don’t feel like grandstanding this morning.  The important thing is that I made nachos. Cheese sauce from scratch, with ground beef and the whole she-bang. Delicious.

Sunday was a wonderfully lazy morning. I slept in till 8:30am. Made Biscuits and Gravy…  Not my best, but still pretty good. And then? Hung out a bit more with my friends and whisked them off to the train.  After the sad good byes (I wish they lived closer than 4 hours away) Joel and I went home and? Cuddled. Slept. Ate Chocol- Yes, ate Chocolate.  One thing I’d meant to do for out one year anniversary was grab him a box of 18 chocolate truffles from Theo’s Chocolate Factory (told you I’d come back tot his), but between its awkward location and the car being 85-90 degrees inside, picking them up proved difficult.  So this past weekend, we remedied that and consumed them yesterday afternoon.  As a result My desert count gets ticked back. But every other count? Progresses forward.  Deserts be damned. I entertained guests and had fun, but still maintained my diet.

Life is good.

Summary of Goals for Last Week

  • Workout 3 times:
    • Monday!
    • Wednesday!
    • Thursday!
    • Saturday!
  • Do at least 3 significant cardio activities:
    • Tuesday: Bicycle for 30 minutes
    • Saturday: Walked 7 Miles up and down and all around in the sun for about 2-3 hours.
  • Portion control your food (5/7) Win!
    • Monday: Fail.  It was a big plate for dinner. Four pieces of Burschetta + the Black Bean Burger Patty and whatever I nibbled on while building it.
    • Tuesday: Super Fail. Sushi… Chocolate Croissant and 1/3 a pint of half baked Ben & Jerry’s.
    • Wednesday: Win! Open face Ruben with soup and cherry tomatoes.
    • Thursday: Win! Green Tomato/Broccoli Fritters and Onions with Herbs ground turkey
    • Friday: Win! Shakes and Revel for dinner.
    • Saturday: Win! 2 section of Waffle, eggs, and sausage then Risotto and Multi Grain Nachos. Yum
    • Sunday: Win! Biscuits and Gravy with Sausage and Eggs, Grilled Veggies with Cheese and then Chocolate and more Veggies with soup.

Days since I’ve eaten…

  • Ice Cream or other Dessert: 0
  • Deep Fried food: 7
  • A Carb-focused meal: 1 (I suppose the Nachos were actually bad)
  • Too many helpings: 5

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