Days 131 – 135: In Which There is Gardening and a BBQ

This past weekend was a hoot, but I’m beat.

Friday was the start of a new stint, that I mentioned before.  In which I add some fruit to my day. In this case, a banana.  Oh my…  Oh me, oh my…  It made a world of difference.  I finished the day not hungry and without a headache.  Seriously… Go fruit.

The rest of the weekend was an interesting exercise in food prep, cleaning, gardening and eventually a BBQ filled mostly with Yoga-goers. The vast majority of the weekend (for myself) was spent mowing lawns, pulling weeds and blackberry bushes, planting mums, arranging pots and helping my pumpkin plants along with their fertilization endeavors.

Basically Saturday went:

  1. Breakfast – Eggs with squash
  2. Workout
  3. Mow my mom’s lawn and rake all the fallen apples (we have three trees in the front yard).
  4. Come home, clean for a bit
  5. Lunch – Leftover Minestrone
  6. Shopping for ingredients
  7. Clean + Food Prep
  8. Dinner – More leftovers
  9. Cuddles + TV
  10. Sleep

And then Sunday went:

  1. Breakfast – Buckwheat Pancakes…  Probably not doing straight buckwheat again.  Taste wasn’t worth the carb savings.
  2. Gardening 5-6 hours
  3. Lunch – Lunchbox Lab, Nixed 1/3 the bun and no cheese thanks to the dairy allergy
  4. Errands
  5. Gardening 3-4 hours
  6. Dinner – Lamb Fajitas from the leftovers we have combined with Eggplant, yellow squash and peppers.
  7. Cuddles + TV
  8. Sleep

Which meant Monday was:

  1. Breakfast – Eggs
  2. Cleaning
  3. Garden 2-3 hours (I pulled several blackberry bushes…ow)
  4. Shower and final food prep
  5. Noon – 9pm BBQ in which we prepped:
    1. Smoked BBQ chicken
    2. Marie Cash’s Potato Salad
    3. Beer Brats
    4. Hot Dogs
    5. Black Bean Burgers
    6. Butterscotch Popsicles
    7. Key Lime Popsicles
    8. Black BBQ’d Beans
    9. Clarified Watermelon Juice with Tequila
    10. Iced Ceylon Tea (loose leaf, baby)
    11. Bloody Maries from our Garden
    12. 3 different types of homemade beer
  6. Quick excursion to drive a friend home
  7. Sleep

Having people over can be great fun, and having our friends from the Yoga studio over was really quite nice.  But I’m beat.  The reason we don’t do this very often is that (as it turns out) Joel and I are kinda homebody introverts.  This really isn’t news to me or Joel, but given our social schedule for the last year, you would have thought that we were as extroverted as they come.  The trick it seems to have fewer, meaningful social interactions instead of a number of social interactions.

And you know what this means? I’m gonna probably disappear this weekend or next to  a place without cell phone coverage and I’m going to recharge my mental batteries with my boyfriend and  a shaggy puppy who is sure to bring the forest back home with him.

I’m not saying I won’t entertain again, oh heck no. I’m just- How did Joel put it? “Peopled out”

If I had my way I’d probably spend 2-4 nights a month hanging out with people.  That doesn’t seem like a lot does it? Well… Work nights are difficult, if not impossible. I work out most nights of the week and need/want to recover those nights that I’m not. That’s about 22 days a month on average. That leaves 8-9 days a month! Why not hang out all those days? Well…  Just because its a weekend doesn’t mean I want to hang out. The weekend is also my time to clean, shop, sleep and pursue one of my 27 hobbies.

“Doesn’t this come down to prioritizing your life?”

It does!

My priorities in life are me, then my partner, my dog and then my friends. Sure there’s a situational shift that can occur. Such as when my boyfriend is sick, I give him priority.

In the end, I’ve got goals and the only one who’s gonna make them happen is me.

Goals for the Week (Last week’s got swallowed by work and the hungry pumpkins in my garden)

  • Workout 3 times: 
  • Do at least 3 significant cardio activities: 

    • Tuesday: Walked around the mall with my Mom for about an hour or so… (where is that Fitbit?)
  • Portion control your food (5/8) Because of screwed up posting times…
    • Monday: Fail This was a known fail. BBQ’s you host usually mean people hang where the food is… And boy did we.  I did my best to move folks to the other room. Which happened-ish…  But I kinda slowly nibbled through the day.
    • Tuesday: Win! Din Tai Fung with my mom, not too much, not too little. Dumplings and Bok Choy with a Taro bun.

Days since I’ve eaten…

  • Ice Cream or other Dessert: 3 (tried a popsicle and split it with Joel on Saturday)
  • Deep Fried food: 1 (Chips on BBQ)
  • A Carb-focused meal: 1 (Potato Salad was amazing… combined with Hotdog bun during BBQ)
  • Too many helpings: 1

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