Days 150 & 151: Working Out & Weighing In

Wednesday was a rough day.

At some point midday, my sinuses firmed up between my eyebrows and congealed into what I can only describe as cement.  The pressure built and built in between my eyes and I just- Ow.  So what did I do? In spite of my head throbbing and the couch beckoning to me in a siren like call… I worked out. The first 30-40 minutes of the workout sucked. But suddenly there was clarity as the veil of concrete lifted and my brain could function again.

Why I didn’t take any sudafed…  That’s a great question, I guess we’ll never know.  But I did end up feeling good enough to make savory TVP Turkey burgers with Mozarella, tomatoes, a basalmic drizzle, pan-fried chanterelles mixed in quinoa with roasted zucchini and squash… It was ker-mazing. Save for that little bit about being allergic to the cheese. I didn’t have a horrible reaction, but still had one nonetheless.

I’m glad that I worked out though. I feel better for it and I know that my sinuses are definitely happier for it.  Its funny, but I feel a lot less stress what with having the scale in my life.  I feel like I was constantly trying to correct a problem I thought was there instead of focusing on the problems I know are there.  I was knit-picking my diet apart and then yes, stress eating.  But in the end, I was still losing weight (albeit slowly). The moment I let up, boom.

For example.  I started out the week eating horrible Chinese food.  Yay for another excuse to celebrate right? I weighed in, low and behold it looked like I’d not lost a single pound.  Water weight is fun.  Anywho… I continued to weigh in off and on this week, not really adjusting my diet that much (as in, I was still getting most of my shakes, still getting my fruit, and having whatever for dinner). Take last night. I put dinner in the convection oven prior to us heading out for yoga.  We did the yoga and then we came home where I had bacon wrapped pork loin, and it was delicious.  I had probably 5 pieces with some sauteed broccoli.  This morning I weighed in, 246.8 lbs. There’s no way I’m not holding a bit of water weight from the salt last night.  So damn if I’m not happy with the shift from last week’s 249.2 lbs. That’s 2.4 lbs of loss baby. Let’s keep this train a moving.

This weekend in spite of the rain, I’m going camping. With hotdogs and a lamb stew ready to go, what’s there not to look forward to?

Have a good one.


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