Days 157 & 158: When The Company Meets

Oof.  So one of the nicer things about my job prior to going full time was the way that I was able to ease into the morning each day.  Emails would come in over night, but there was never really a call to action prior to 10 am that I had to pounce upon.  Well, as if there was a switch flipped.  It’s like night and day.

To keep on top of my email I’ve finally added it to my smart phone (a shiny new iPhone 5s, by the way…  Honestly, the only difference is battery life it is better than your iPhone) just so I can stay on top of all the everything that’s being thrown at me.  Ridiculous, I say.  Of course it doesn’t help that two days this week were eaten up by company functions.  I’m two weeks in and haven’t had a solid week of work days yet.  Again, not complaining about what I’m sure will be a long-suffering monotony that I will associate with this job eventually. I’m complaining from the work/life standpoint in which I like to get my work done at work. When I’m home, sure I’ll check my email all the time, THE EMAILS ARE MINE now and then, but its not work time. Its home-time.

Home time is just as important, if not more important than work-time. Its my chance to ignore the work-world and work-time and to think about my life and my projects.  The people that are important to me.

When there is a day or days in which I have to eschew work and the deadline looms? That means my home-time is infringed upon.  I know this is a reality when it comes to being a salaried, full-time employee…  but in my second week? I’m hoping this isn’t a sign of things to come.

So Wednesday was a day spent primarily gathering information (something I’m still doing) and Thursday was spent at the company meeting in Downtown Seattle (haven’t guessed who I work for yet? For shame…).  Wednesday was a good day diet-wise.  I worked out I drank my shakes, life was good.

Now Thursday…  Well.

First off, happy birthday once again to my amazing partner, Joel. 🙂 I love you.

Yesterday I took him to Toulouse Petit in Seattle for breakfast. It was fantastic.  Underwhelming drinks, but the food was wonderful (meatloaf with a spicy sausage gravy and eggs? YUM).  After walking him to work I went to Key Arena and then hung with my team and watched our company meeting through the whole day.  This included such dietary infractions as a chocolate glazed doughnut, a boxed vegan lunch (I usually order vegan if forced to eat “pre-prepped food”…  I think I’ve convinced myself that they put more effort into them or something), and then a beer (The Elysian pumpkin stout is amazing) and truffle french fries (my non-pumpkin weakness).    This was all over the period of 8am – 7pm.  So not horrible, but again… Not a shake. And certainly not calorie-conscious since I’m pretty sure the doughnut hit my calorie quota from strike one.  Not to mention the dinner I made for Joel last night.  Home made tomato soup with open faced grilled cheese/bruschetta…  I’m thinking one or the other and parmesan on the bruschetta instead of mozzarella next time.

Would I change anything?

I would not eat the doughnut, but everything else I’m strangely okay with. Nothing else was so horrible or out of touch with reality that I felt like I overate or should be ashamed.  Maybe the french fries, but as I said…  Truffles are my kryptonite #2.  Pumpkin is #1.  I don’t eat them on anything close to a regular basis, so I’m fine with having had them yesterday.

As I’m becoming more comfortable with this less stressed oversight, I can’t help but think that I should workout more.  Not that I’m seeing anything odd (though this week’s multitude of food infractions have definitely stagnated my weight loss), but rather… I’m feeling more comfortable at the yoga studio now to try more difficult things.  I think I’ve got something close to what you might call a foundation.  Its not amazing, but its there.  So perhaps just adding a bike-ride… Or going to yoga on Tuesdays as well?  I think this could definitely increase the results of my effort.

All in all, I’m looking forward to my workout on Saturday.


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